Puppyhood in 365 DAYS: CORGI PUPPY GROWS UP!

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New Puppy! Puppyhood is a Timelapse of Gatsby the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy as he grows up over 365 Days. The Time Lapse covers the first year with the cutest puppy dog from bringing a new puppy home to puppy training, snow, hikes, vets, birthdays, restaurants, and more!

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Content taken from Vlogs 321 to 403. Gatsby is a Tri-Colored Pembroke Welsh Corgi who I got from a breeder (breeder does not have a website). Here are the first 365 days we spent together.


Angel Tejeda says:

17:10 corgi's girlfriend

David Mulhern says:

I saw the length of the video and I was like "No chance, I'll just watch for a few minutes."….It's now my second play through. Damn you and your adorableness!!! :P

Larissa Pearson says:

This shows what a dog owner should be. You are awesome! How touching. BTW, no kale. That's the one exception. BAD OWNER NO KALE! Steak!

Peter Gavin says:

That was amazing. You are so good to him, you are lucky to have each other.

Leafyshot says:

WITH THEIR POWERS COMBINED THEY CREATE THE ULTIMATE CREATURE!! THE CORGI TURTLE!!! (pretty lame name but can't think of anything else)

Sister Winter Penguins says:

Are u disney car toys!?!?!??!!!??!!??!

Lan Anh Le says:

OMG I love Gatsby, sooooo damn cute

Isabel Tandra says:

I love how u go everywhere with your dog

Christian Dela Rosa says:

Aww! You live in san jose? My friend lives in your apartment santana row right? I hope i see gatsby one day in one of the dog parks like watson

Fabian West says:

Adorable! There is nothing cuter than a smiling Corgi puppy!

i love corgi's says:

23:48. Turtle dog. ;)

destiny Santillan says:

lol and cute

Lil'Mo Lately says:

Ryen, can you film Gatsby's teeth being brushed?

Daniel Daniel says:

Were did he lives

57Strudel says:

I love this.  I wish everyone trained their dogs as well as you have! … and Gatsby and the bed… that could be a saga all on its own. Absolutely lovely little guy :). And boy does he love you.

Quyen Nguyen says:

5:35 Gatsby is on a mission XD

MakeupByHanny says:

Omg! He's too cuteeee! Now u makes me want a corgi even moreee!

Hana tan says:

This is adorable ????

lilutena says:

My dog doesn't like those toys with the treats in them. She just whines smh

Sarah Ruiz says:

Hes so cute!!! I need one!!!

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