Rescued puppy overjoyed to reunite with his mother

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A puppy fell into a well and neighbors heard him crying all night long. When our rescue team went down and brought the little guy back up top he ran as fast as he could to find his mom and didn’t stop wagging his tail.

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John Gray says:

I'm afraid some people might create situations like this just to go back and make themselves look like heroes and collect donations. How do we know?

Poro Senpai says:

See, this is the joy human kind can bring.
This is the pure heart of souls which should belong in us all.

ren Droid says:

isnt it amazing that in the end the mother father and his brother went out for a walk just like a family of humans ?
and then at 6:02 a neighbor came and said hi to that black dog. Amazing.

Eliana Banana says:

God blessed !

PartyKatPlayzYT says:

I subbed because you are helping the world

Welbek Asante says:

Dumbass Shitdog.

exwhyz33 says:

Good job guys !!

Nayana Patel says:

The puppy is so cute

Ringolds Reiziņš says:

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RVboy Junior says:

Great rescue. I just think there was a better harness for the rescuer, i mean he has a GoPro camera mounted on his head piece, i'm sure a quality harness is worth of an investment for everyone's and safety and for future rescue missions. Also, the way he held the puppy's mouth as he climbed out of the well, it looks like there was too much pressure on the dog's mouth. Nevertheless I applaud your effort to save precious lives mostly overlooked. All he best to you Animal Aid. Cheers!

Midnighterss says:

Poor little puppy stuck in the big hole ;-;

royalcourtier says:

Did they eat the dog afterwards, in a green curry? Or worship the dog? This is, after all, India. The dog did not want to be "rescued" – he knew what was coming.

emily rosw says:

what a kin and brave man xxx

Detectingthe North says:

Thank-you,  Animal Aid Unlimited, India :)

Ferdinand Alexander says:

What's with all the trash around? Christ! People ruin everything. Before anyone says anything about helping the dog. The well wouldn't have been there either without people.

Cameron Huffman says:

The world needs more people like this.

Kenia Quintanilla says:

People are mean to thir dog if they don't want them then give to someone not let them in the streets

Rajan Bhardwaj says:

I like u guys……

metsdudenj says:

Isnt that puppy awfully big to still be nursing?

iiluv8boy says:

Guys! This is in India!!!

Ningyo LovesManga says:

Omg im crying

Natalie Counts says:

i litaraly started crying tears of joy when i saw it so excited to see the other dogs

Flairs X says:

its amazing the things you guys would do to save a dog

Manuel cruz says:

Wow really nice video

Vaibhav Mugale says:

I love you guyz 🙂 ^_^ 

Tamia Rawling says:

see there is some good in the world after all.

absolutelysadie says:

I cried so much….

Allison Merhar says:

I do not like the way the man handled the puppy

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