Rescuing a homeless senior dog from a water treatment facility. Please share.

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Mufasa lived in this water treatment facility. Luckily, a worker saw one of our videos, and called us: &


Dean Wilkinson says:

I crude it was so sad you are the most super nice people I hate to see a dog on the street : ( 

Tristan Adams says:

Hope for paw you guys are awesome I wish more people did this to animals even if you don't like animals take them to the animal shelter 

unikalnie says:

it's so cute… and this homeless dog is wonderful…
Respect for people who help homeless animals <3

DragonKing says:

This made me cry I love dogs getting rescued

Grażyna G. says:

Poruszające i budujące wiarę w nas.

Bianca Johnson says:

Wow what breed is this dog?! I've never seen anything like him.

Snox says:

how can someone dislike this?

Fernando Gallegos says:

cute. dog. from. niko

Lexis Gray says:

U r the best people ever u r so nice I love u guys(:

Kusko Swartz says:

You guys are the best…you made me shed a few tears by watching your videos..God bless you people. still crying

Make me glow says:

Lindo trabalho de vocês! :)

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