Shark-Cat, Shark-Duck and Duck-Dog doing a Shark WEEK!

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Shark-Cat, Shark-Duck and Duck-Dog doing a Shark WEEK! SHARK Cat Week is OVER!!! Cat who’s a Shark has two friends: a Dog whos’ a Suck with Shark toy and a D…


tobi87 says:

that duck grew a lot

rmsolympic1 says:

No doubt that cat likes that vacum

movieandmusic says:

They are so lovely. I wonder how the dog is so gentle. I have two siamese cats and they are so nervous when they here that kind of noise.

BoscoLayne says:

Your insanity makes me happy…

texasgirly1979 says:

Yes, his name is Pugsy

Kainosielu says:

The most bizarre thing I’ve seen in a while, lol.

Eden Bainbridge says:


Jen Chough says:

are they on something?! how are your pets so awesomely CHILL?!

A Vida é uma Paçoca! says:

Hahahaha All there are very very beautiful !!Duck dog Wawwww!! Wonderful day for you !

dan glanville says:

Earlier video it should be?

dan glanville says:

Is that the same duck in the easier video?

wordreet says:

I hope you never have to go to a quack doctor. X¬D

MayhemModelz says:

Hahaha omg they’re soooo cute!!!

Einstein Parrot says:

Laughing my tail feathers off!!! I want #SharkCat week to last FOREVER!!!!

lonelysith66 says:

Everyone here is doing too much!

catquack says:

taking the insanity to a whole nother level

the14thmoonofuranus says:

What a trio lol

bolt24 says:

This was the reason the camera was invented.

eredline1 says:

Helen, you are so wonderful. The love you have for your animals is amazing! My put bull’s name is “Pig,” haha. I need to find some awesome costumes for my pig! 🙂 thanks for sharing your babies. I love your posts!

ZolwiuOfficial says:

Doog: ”Kill My” xDDDDDDDDDDD

sonoftaz says:

Poor dog a polar bear or lion not a duck dog :0)

Cheryl Reitz says:

Max is REALLY into Shark Week lol

CryBalrog says:

this is awesome hha

aeieeo says:

Maxi boy is in his own little world

Daisy Kowalczykowski says:

omg the duck rides the roomba too O_O

Daisy Kowalczykowski says:

i think sharky wants a big roomba for himself too 😀

Daisy Kowalczykowski says:

That butt sticking out, priceless! 😀 ♥

Raquel inácio says:

Que gatinho levado kkkkkkkk

Paul Blanchard says:

Sharky shows how precious pit bulls are, ban owners not the breed!!!!

YM M says:

Crazy cute!!

eldiablo8myStash says:


Tyler Fedchuk says:


rmsolympic1 says:


Lynx says:

Is that the same duckling from before?

Justin Fung says:


Elver Galarga says:


CJ Grace says:

too cute!

chaotic459 says:

As always, coolest cat and best dog ever! My favorite parts are usually when the vacuum thingy hits the cabinets and the cat is just like, ‘whatevs.’ But the best part of this vid was cat and dog cuddling while the duck took a go. Your videos always make my day 🙂

yakisueba says:

this is the best thing i’ve seen all week XD

AallthewaytoZ2 says:

This is the best channel on Youtube!


Alexandra Scott says:

Yaaayyy, the duck actually rode the Roomba…if only for a few seconds! 🙂

poneronic1ne says:

A zoo.

joe christensen says:

I bet her floors are always sooo clean!

Harson Report says:

Hzo nce

alex1981gdynia says:

quack quack :D

MrLovethisstuff says:

the dogs thinkin to himself, “all this for a smakos!”

BakerWase says:

Your house must be so clean!

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