Sleeping Puppy Gets Bath From Kitty

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7 week old golden retriever gets a bath from kitty while sleeping!


Graham Gordon says:

Lol it was obviously just a joke

BLUDDYknucklez says:

@nikalicious54 Can I clean you with my tongue too? I’ll even lick your butthole.

tiffibean13 says:

19 people have no souls.

wolfguy23 says:

Gayass troll.

Madison Schimpf says:

Now that is quit the cleaning lol

ForcedToSignUp says:

:45 cleaning the flaps

carieellen says:

LOL. that is one thorough cleaning!

Chjbs says:

These animals are getting more than me right now

xoneyneyful says:

I like animals more than people.

xoneyneyful says:

I like animals more than people.

GasparCroix says:

@0:14 woah! TV’s on?

rustybuckingham says:

that cute puppy is still slightly more menacing than the 2008 cleveland browns

clevercupcake says:

If I must live with you… you will be clean. So cute

Adam Haun says:

Whenever I end up on the dark side of the Internet, I always have to watch a video like this, then the permanent scars will dissipate momentarily. HOW DO YOU WIPE DISTURBING IMAGES COMPLETELY FROM YOUR BRAIN???

Jessia Jayleen says:

That made my day!! :3

Cebuana7 says:

Puppy is ok with this!

singerGBNL says:

how can the pup stay asleep!!?

xxhazex says:

3:46 ” Man, I gotta stop drinking”

swagg56003 says:


AriaNycyus says:

Ohhhhh!!!!!!! Mother like daughter or son!!! :D xD

DarkJDL says:

Like a popsicle!

Shivani Zenith says:

oww !! seems like kitty loves puppy so much 😀 great video buddy !! love it hehe

lizard330033 says:


tkierre01 says:


Natalie Sorce says:

Cat: How many lickz does it take to get to the center of this tasty pup?

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