The dog Whisperer – Boy and his dog, accompanied by vet

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The Dog Whisperer – A Dog and His Boy; Mobile Vet
The dog Whisperer – Boy and his dog, accompanied by vet
The dog Whisperer Cesar
The dog Whisperer Cesar Millan
The dog Whisperer Veterinary
The dog Whisperer boy
The dog Whisperer his dog
The dog Whisperer pitbull
The dog Whisperer husky
The dog Whisperer season
The dog Whisperer rottweiler


jjennyfurrr says:

First, only get a dog after plenty of research!
Second, getting a Husky because they look cute or something?
Third, giving a husky to an 8 year old?

Dave Templin says:

So sad????????????????????????????

Jan Iedema says:

What idiots would give a husky to a 8 year old they are advanced dogs for experienced dog owners not retarded kids that can barly talk

Dreams Gamer says:

Dont give dogs or cats to your children

Adachi Cabbage says:

What's a dog that's good for an apartment but an active person who never owned a dog before?

abdul amib says:


ecykixx says:

It's very strange the vets are not trained to handle dogs. He's totally yellow and lost.

crystal jackson says:

I would have Spike on a harness; however, it does allow him to pull harder. A husky is way too strong to be walked without supervision. Too much chance he could get away. What a great child. His parents should be very, very proud of him for being so caring. This is a perfect example of responsible people doing what they should to make their pets an integral part of their families.

Clayton Phillips says:

Before Cesar even talks I can already tell this dogs problem.
1. He might not get enough energy out and is using it harmfully.
2.I would wait to get a dog as big as like that until 11 or 10.
3.The kid isn't being commanding, he's not yelling at the dog or calming him down using techniques.

JDD1217 says:

Maybe don't let little kid walk the dog since he gets dragged around 

larry wright says:

That's what you get for getting a breed that needs a bunch of land to run and expend its energy , and keep it confined to a backyard the size of my closest.They were bred to pull sleds for mile upon mile for Christ sake.( we have no idea why he's lashing out like this!) Human stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

BloodyHellxHD says:

lel he's a kid dogs don't follow somone who cant control them

Andrew Clayton says:

Those owners should've done research on the dog first siberian huskies are known as one of the most energetic dogs why do you think they were sled dogs? They have lots of energy that needs to be burned off the reason why the dogs like the way it is is because it's not burning that energy those dogs need to run and pull something 

MetalHead “MetalHead” 2509 says:

Why would they get a husky in the first place if they have such a small yard? Them be surprised that the dog is energetic and got big? People need to research a dog breed before getting a dog. 

Alexander Svenning says:

Travelling with a neck-leash is not good, he should know this.

Rydia Brown says:

Where is he from?

OhNoez'sLife says:

welp don't give a husky to a kid

Yisel Centeno says:

My friend dog he get really angry when I talk with my other friend then he bit and he jump at person when they come in me my friend need you 

lenin diaz says:

l like the way that the whisper show respect to josh in min11.21 '' mr, josh"

Vann Arroyo says:

i am like this boy, my dog is a blue pitbull hes a very hyper pup, hes 11 month and im 11 yrs. old

Jax Wit says:

in order to tame a dog it must sniff you

Kyuu17 says:

my sibe hates bathing! I bathe him twice a week, with a muzzle on or else he's gonna end up either barking at me so I don't touch him.

The Dog Whisperer says:

The dog Whisperer – Boy and his dog, accompanied by vet

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