The Science of Dogs

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The dog is the ultimate human creation. With 400 breeds and counting, the dog is more varied in size and behavior than any other species on the planet. National Geographic looks at man’s evolutionary manipulation of dogs’ appearance, talents and temperament—and the accelerating efforts to create breeds to suit our needs (more than 80 percent of today’s breeds did not exist 150 years ago). From desirable traits like supersensitive hearing and smell to the unintended consequences of genetic diseases, learn how nature and man have partnered to deliberately create new and specialized versions of man’s best friend.


Puppylove230 says:

Dogs aren’t man-made, natural dogs are made from God, but man cross-breed 2 different dog breeds to make 1 weird breed like suppose you had a husky and a pomeranian= a pomsky, that is not officially man-made but man made that happen and God was the one who formed and created him/her in the natural female dog’s womb so I don’t know what he is talking about with “we” mad this, and “we” made dogs do that and blabbity-blah!

m1shadow says:

German shepherds are a good representation of combining a multi tasking dog; combining herding dogs with mountain dogs the German shepherd was bred to both herd the sheep, and also guard them from predators.. a big reason why most working line German shepherds are natural guardians. Rhodeasian ridgeback is another example of a multi purpose dog that was bred to hunt lion in all sorts of terrain and weather. I love all dogs! Truly mans best friend!!

BigTuna1987 says:


honeybean8 says:

I thought the same thing!

savate18 says:

why don’t they cut that tail ?! it’s the easy way to keep the dog healthy

AmieB2005 says:

Why is it that there is always some idiot in the comments section comparing dogs to cats? I personally have dogs, but doesn’t mean I don’t think cats deserve respect and love. More cats are killed in shelters than dogs overall. Many by gassing and mass euthanization. All living things feel pain in one way or another. It tears me up when I see an animal in pain.

vickyboy96 says:

Poodles are the best dog breed! They are adorable and also one of the smartest. Hater!!

vickyboy96 says:

Great Dane.

vickyboy96 says:


ProgressOrRegress says:

it looks like a lab mixed with some kinda terrier…maybe has some pitbull in him, but only a litttttlee…my buddy has a mut that looks just like it.

spoonman73 says:

These breed histories are such fucking bullshit

moijoune says:

that’s why i love cats….dogs make me so sad. they are so servile and so man-oriented. who wouldn’t pity an animal who is so oriented towards the *worst* by far beast on earth: man…:ppp

DPfanaticC1 says:

Looks like a shepherd mix.

Pets4home says:

Absolutely not a pitbull. 

BigTuna1987 says:

it kind of looks like a pit-bull

sirspikey says:

Really don’t like american documentaries, there’s always false or outdated info…

Pepper9873 says:

It looks like a fairly young Great Dane. Nice to meet a fellow Husky owner.

TalTxD says:

The thing they tried with the wolf and the dogs, to check if he’s getting guided by the human, I must say that it’s very fimiliar to me.
I own a siberian husky, a very close (genetically) breed to the wolf, and he’s also very independent,most of the times he doesn’t wait for my help. it’s a very common quality of the breed.

TalTxD says:

what dog breed in 1:39 , the black and white one?

teakbridge101 says:

Wolf: Nature’s miracle

Poodle: Man’s attempt to equal Nature.

Equals mega-suck.

Kalupz says:

Very interesting documentary – thanks for sharing

Iamalwaysgodschild says:

at 33 minutes: they should try the dog whisperer instead of loading that dog up on drugs.

polipoli nahogami says:

i tought look all this duumbs wathched the full video and look at me know at min 46 XD

Wendy Marcia says:

They are all perfect. I love my dog!!

ergys gega says:

the best video that i ever seen

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