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10.Great Dane
9.Tosa Inu
8.American Bandogge
7.Cane Corso
6.Tibetan Mastiff
5.Neapolitan Mastiff
4.Doberman Pinscher
3.German Sheperd
1.American PITBULL Terrier
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Shontelle Jackson says:

german sheperds are not a bad do I had one but it sadly pasted it what you make as a dog

Juraj Krizmanic says:

omg i hate that photoshops the biggest dog on earth was great dane it called Zeus he was tall 110 cm

Mihailo Nikolic says:


Владимир Пономаренко says:

Alabay? Caucasian Shepherd? Moscow Guardian?

MrSoggyjocks says:

Dobermans these days aren't that aggressive. But what they do have going for them is they are smart and extremely alert. And if one is coming after you, you are in a lot of trouble because they are faaast and great at jumping up and over things. Certainly a lot more dangerous breeds out there, but as far as a guard dog goes these are right up there with german shepherds as no.1 and 2.

Chief Danzaa says:

Well sorry. Tibetan Mastiff? but you are showing a picture of Mongolian Banhar! The black ones!

Paulo Maciel says:

Pitbulls are fighting dogs, not guard dogs. 

Basty Reyes says:

Biggest dog in the world is saint bernard

81Marica says:

Camon!Please if you say pitbull don`t show photos of Bullies.
If you REALLY say pitbulls are THE BEST GUARD DOGS you don`t probably know even one of them! XD I guess you just have to put #1 place pitbulls in every lists you had post here…sorry but you are SO WRONG!

Aurora D. Mancinas says:

I love dobermans!!!!♡♡♡

dgrcgrl says:

Look up the Caucasian Shepard, aka the Caucasian ovcharka. 

coral liaw says:

I have a cane corso without cropped ears but attack everyone that does not live in my house. He does not look aggressive but is this behavior a little too aggressive?

Counterattack says:

Dobes and german shepards ftw!

Olve | TheSvæger says:

The American Pitbull Terrier are illegal in Norway!!

Abigail Danxe says:

Tibbetin mustiee is a chow chow. They r not fierce. They r shy gentle creaturss.

Miguel Angel Martinez Rojas says:

Those aren't big dogs

mrsfrodo9 says:

Ok about number 8 Bandogge? Wrong spelling it's Bandog and it', no special breed it's just a dog which is always been keept on a chain

sree lakshmi says:

beauti full gait i tooo wnat to take care of it

Cheryl Holmes says:

#6 dogs were so big!!!!!????????????????????????

Larry Johnson says:

puro petho

Josiah Idhe says:

One of the dog's look like hulk the dog

† ʋαʆεʂʈαɾ † says:

1:42 e la madonna una bomba di cane o.o
lo voglio….ORAAAAAAA!!!

Kelly Duan says:

I have a tibaten mastiff mix with wolf and herman Shepard and i have a german shepard mix with a wolf and a chihuahua mix with a terrier

playyboy nyc says:

pitbulls are pussy dogs

Jakebrown Brown says:

Number 6

Jakebrown Brown says:

None of them are dangerous

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