Top 10 Strongest Dogs in The World

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Top 10 Strongest Dogs in The World

3.German Shepherd
4.Doberman Pinscher
6.Wolf Dog Hybrid
7.Alaskan Malamute
8.Bull mastiff
10.Great Dane


Donald Ferguson says:

Tibetan mastif

rigon kajtazi says:

guys! have you ever heard about Illyrian Shepherd. is a albanian dog. this dog is the strongest dog in the world. we use illyrian shepherd to keep save sheps and they really fight with wolfs and bears a lot of time by winning all te time

CROninja666 says:

8:35 bro do u even lift?

Noneyour biz says:

ya theres my pitbull i love pitbulls

Hisham Alameddine says:

Rattweiler number 1

ProudFinn1 says:

This list was pretty damn accurate until the final three. Shitbulls are all looks. Exactly like a Kangal. Clumsy, not so agile, dumb AF, and overrated. German Shepard's, Rotties, and Alaskan Malamutes all share the #1 spot. Dobies take 2nd, and Shittbulls take third.

puri kin says:

töki vidi

Addamekk says:

This list is so bad that I don't know what to say. From that list I had caucasian (2 times) german shepherd and rottweiler. And believe me compared to caucasian both german shepherd and rottweiler are just harmless puppies. Caucasians are real monsters. Big Caucasian can weight about 90 kg and you probably don' want to see what it would do with max 30kg pitbull. Sometimes I give my dogs huge cow bones – rottweiler can't even break them, caucasian never had any problem with eating them. And rottweiler is much bigger and stronger than pitbull. Next time do some research before you make a video.

Patter - Gaming, Vlogs Og Mere says:

Pitbull is the stongest dog :D

Mehmet Yavuz says:

number1 is not PiTBUL is KANGAL Turkish dogg

Clocked Heart says:

Pitbull…OMG… super fast,super strong!!

Kakarot Son says:

I love Pit Bulls.

Chumino YT says:

Music plis

Chumino YT says:

Música plis

Hamga Ben Abdellae says:

dog argentin

HU DDave says:

im have rottweiler and german shepherd

Gilles Woodside says:

I don't know if I like what im seeing with this video

Samantha Dunmore says:

uhm pit bulls are clearly the strongest dog…totally illegal where I live yet people still have them. I don't know why their illegal, its the owner not the dog!!

Alexander Lorenz says:

but where is the kangal and the tibetan mastiff?

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