Top 15 BIGGEST Dogs In The World

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From gigantic pit pulls to massive English Mastiffs, these are the world’s 15 largest dogs & some of the most amazing pets to have ever lived.

Meet Zeus the Great Dane, Hulk the Giant 170 lb family pit bull, and more we count some incredible dog breeds in today’s video.



Michele LaBadie says:

deez nuts

Munja says:

okay Giant George the great dane is the biggest dog in the world.

Munja says:

St Bernard is Cujo

Munja says:

Hercules the English Mastiff

Munja says:

Zeus the Great Dane only 7 feet?

Munja says:

very big dog…i wonder which one is a good security dog.

Elithea Jones says:

you kinda sound like danger dolan

Diego Imperadore says:

number 3 is more large of number 2 and number 1.

KentuckySunset says:

Mostly Mastiffs and their close cousins,Danes.A few hints on keeping these big boys and girls healthier….. don't spay or neuter until their bone plates are closed and a raw ,species appropriate diet can help with later joint issues.

Ringo Silver says:

Photoshop in action.

Boku Kae says:

7:43 fake!

Salvatore Arcadipane says:

Dinotopia sv Dogtopia ★★★★★

Malissa Powell says:

they are big

Guest2821jaxxonmarine614 Idk says:

Dang the pit bull!!

charlotte ann custodio says:

all i want is siberian husky

Hildegerd Haugen says:

A longhaired english mastiff?

CJ Langton says:

I do NOT wanna give birth to these

Душан Радин says:

Huge dong ….:-D

bolderiks says:

Dogs have been grown significantly since they eat photoshop software in the morning.

张守福 says:


Marek Kuc says:

w chuja grać to my ale nie z nami

CrazyOne Xạ Thủ says:


Simon Lendinger says:

Hahaha the pronouncing of the mon amie von der ölmühle was great ;)

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