Top 30 best guard dogs

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Jedediah Brown says:

German Shepherd hands down is the best. Doberman is a great guard dog also.

Sheila Conrad says:

Boxer is the best guard dog


I know you're not going to believe this but my sister's St. Bernard could top all these dogs.  It's not about how big or mean he is it's just about his appearance and his bark.  The bark alone made a pit bull pee himself.  His appearance alone is enough to send any person going the other way.  He's a teddy bear but at 200 lbs he looks mean.  When he barks he makes the kids cry even though he doesn't mean to.  Just his appearance makes other dogs go the other way.  He's not considered a guard dog but more of a watchdog.  We love him to pieces.

lukkyluciano says:

oh wow the Tibetan mastiff is beautiful

Checkzover says:


brian ruddle says:

Some of these dogs are not even guard dogs… Had to stop at 29 .. Bull terrier .. I own one and have owned others.. They were not bread as guard dogs and training one as such is a bad idea and will likely result in someone being mauled or killed … They were made for animal aggression and love of people .. And thus if taught to be aggressive to people most will be unable to differentiate between a good and bad person and friends or family are likely to be bit if the dog does not have regular contact with them.. I have seen it happen to many times.. Same story with pit bulls or any of the bull and terrier breeds… You want a guard dog get a guard dog like a dobi 

Creature says:

hahaha i think you dont know anything about Kangals 😀 Their nick name is "Anatolian Lion"

Sheryl Carey says:

There is a reason why the Navy SEALS ONLY want the Belgian Malinois.

67sapphireblue says:

Obviously this video should NOT be believed or be used for learning and research purposes…this video in any way is not a TRUE representative of these breeds and they are NOT NATURALLY like this This video is of TRAINERS, Training them to be Attack Dogs

Bill Meyer says:

Boerboel should be much higher up.
Reason why farmers use Boerboel more than Great Danes, Rottweilers, Dobermans etc.
For guard dogs. Also the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Guillermo Carlos Medina says:

Por mi experiencia uno de los Perros mas valientes son los Dogo Argentino, que pueden ser cazadores mayores: Jabalíes, Pumas, Leones etc. Exponen su vida ante una caz aria, no sienten el dolor en la lucha mayor……………..

Dizziti 12 says:

i just want the link again to that dog fight where caucasian kills 3 pits

Billy Bullterrier says:


Danation2288 says:

Oh and the husky being on this list is non sense but carry on 

Danation2288 says:

As far as pure balance shear intelligence & great bite work a German Shepherd should be number 1 in fact it is in a sense cause most police dogs are Shepherds I can't explain how important the intelligence factor is with guarding & protecting after doing numerous bite work with a lot of these breeds listed Dobermans I guarantee alot of times will come off a bite once they are hit on the back or shoulders or legs Shepherds don't rottis don't!! Nice list I would definitely switch a lot of them around but all can get the job done in a sense!

Ahmed Eljoker says:

i wanna this music

Grisel Munoz says:

Muy lindos sus videos

Xavier Papa says:

You've got to be joking!!

Ethan Bittle says:

German shepherd should have been 1

Dominic Drais says:

Wheres the pitbull!!

Miltos Hadjimiltiades says:

rotties should be first . They have the strongest bite ( 368 ) pounds

Kutay Demiralay says:

Huskies, really? They can never work as a guard dog. They can just let thieves in. I have two and ım feeding them not as a guard dogs.

Darryl D. Ruggs says:

you have to mute the video in order to watch it

arturo ramirez says:

creo que tu top 30 está muy confuso y no mencionas algunas razas de perros realmente de guarda como btr o black russian terrier, serbian defense, pulli, por mencionar algunos, saludos…Arturo Ramirez.

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