Trapped Puppy Rescued from Underground Pipe

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On February 9, the Michigan Humane Society received a call about a one-month-old puppy in need. This is their rescue story. Thank you to everyone who made th…


Bridgette Foxx says:


tadaaaaaaaaa says:

its a wonderful heartwarming story..but I have to ask…how in the world did a 4 week old puppy that shouldn’t really be outside in the cold…and obviously cannot walk and fall into that hole get into it in the first place?

KatielynJessica123 says:

Oh little pup pup

Annoth Kaillak says:

Rottie :DD

tweety74la says:

That so sweat

MsPreston000 says:

Makes me cry every time

wwr2k says:

That is so poor

slavonacHR says:

Omg I am crying

Yourself Khalid says:

Huh it is good to save dogs and cats

shellstormthekitty says:

…that poor puppy *starts crying* I won’t EVER let that happen to my new puppy I’m getting this fall 🙂

Kayle Serrano says:

Im crying

guychunkie says:

This had me in tears, 1st of sadness then of joy. Brilliant job guys

병선 황 says:

You are great people! Love you.

IamTheCardinalYO says:

Did they ever find out how that pup got in there or who put it there?

Jack Court says:

I am crying as I speak

fionarai101 says:

Everybody subscribe this is fanatice

Amila Lochan says:

bod bless you guys 4 the great job u did

Greta Hernan says:

Awwwwwwwww I cried

Caleb Greer says:

I feel so sorry for these poor animals and I would love for all the bad people who abandon these poor helpless dogs to die. The dogs and puppies did nothing wrong!!! If I could I would protect them the best I could its so sad

scruefez21 says:

Great job guys!!!! with all your efforts….

jiakang15 says:

Poor puppy:(

azul pangaro says:

awww i cried :´(

WolfyyChan says:

D’awwww. :’) I’m happy that people bothered to help. Where I live, anybody would be able to care less. :”(

Alyssa Brown says:

Aww :’)

CABubb88 says:


Delta Crimson says:

I cried.

Thomas Clarke says:

Ho the fuck putted a puppy ther

shootomatic says:

i bet the home owner is glad he didnt have to sleep listening to a puppy slowly die

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