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TreT – American Staffordshire Terrier – All Secrets of Training of TreT!


Jacque Line says:

my pittie could totally do this if he wasnt suck a lazy fuck

TheAphoticAtrocity says:

I’d love to see a squad of police K9s doing this.

Derek Willian Stavis says:

niiiiiiice dog!!

romanshik says:

Dog high as fuck, thinking it’s a cat and shit…

TRexRobot says:

I think the next Assassins Creed might take place in Ukraine and the Templars are going to be pigeons.

ToastAndCereal9921 says:

I want this dog

proud2busmc says:

This dog is absolutely amazing and so good looking. You can tell he is happy and enjoys being the most badass dog on YouTube! 😉

xDarthVSoldierx says:

It would’ve been more awesome if the dog wore an assassin’s robe!!!

TheLoneClaw says:

They should teach this stuff to police dogs.

4Ventus says:

Wow, what a kick ass dog.

Tascaraudo says:

Now teach this to a pack of wolves and you have your next action movie.

coffeecat692 says:

What song is this?

holesa says:

how do you keep him in a yard?!!

ryuukatamura says:

It’s like
A dog
That does things you usually only see cats do

Dryued says:

Way to instill the species’ inferiority complex, dog.
P. S. They should totally star him in a movie.

qubixrube says:


rillera25 says:

Well, my dog only pisses on the carpet fifty percent of the time.

So beat that, Tret.

TurtleOnItsBack says:

The mailman’s worst nightmare.

absolutevirus says:


elchowdeloschamps says:

Or maybe PAWrkour!!!

soulnova says:

Ezio: “That’s my dog”

tubeuser2222 says:

A cat inside a dog’s body.

weenerboy08 says:

I feel so sorry for any cats this dog chases

majicodemejico says:

Thanks, I was looking for the song as well.

DerLetzeReiter says:

Gives a whole new meaning for “taking the dog for a walk”

SullySadface says:

is it just me or does that dog hit his dick on everything

Troupedesloups says:


sep420 says:

The owner is screwed if Tret gets rabies!

splosionsRfun says:

Yeah well my dog can sleep all day.

MuertaNox says:

Could you imagine giving that dog a walk without knowing it was Parkour Dog ahead of time? The hard part wouldn’t be keeping him out of traffic, it’d be keeping him off the buildings!

glowworm2 says:

I loved watching Tret jump through all those tiny windows.

ThePinkspray says:

If that was a police dog, nobody would get away. I would be scared as shit if that dog was chasing me. Especially if he had machine guns attached to him.

homefrontisawseome says:

can someone explain how 187 people dislike this?

CDPPie says:

The Glitch Mob – We can make the World stop. Don’t just check that track out, give their album Drink The Sea a listen, they are top notch.

Denied1213 says:

If you mix this dog’s genetics with Insanity Wolf…

Assasin0021 says:

…And no fence ever contained Tret again.

Masturbatorskislon says:

Buona sera, Vieri! My name is Ezio Staffordatore

Sisthra says:

The owner of this dog is obviously an Assassin.

Hologramps says:

I want to live in a world where this is standard police dog training.

Varghus says:

Now imagine packs of feral dogs hunting animals through ruined cities like this.

CharlesOlson711 says:

Say the C word again mothafuckas, I dare you, I double dog dare you. You spammy mothafuckas.

TheAlksejf says:

Why did he take off his sunglasses? Hope they aren’t cracked.

Casey Ellis says:

Wishbone’s still cooler

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