Two stray dogs get separated

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This rescue was much harder than it shows… getting two dogs together is a tricky thing and required a lot more running than I could show on this short video (this is why I was out of breath by the end of the video).
Please watch all the way to the end for special cool links to the Hope For Paws coloring book and more.
Last thing: please, please, please share the video so we can find them an amazing home.
Thanks 🙂


Uncommonsensesc says:

I have got to quit watching these at work – I'm trying not to cry but it isn't working!  Thank goodness for tall cubicles!  These 2 legged angels taking care of 4 legged angels is amazing!

Alyssa Pinedo says:

I always cry with these videos

Margarita Prado Hernández says:

Por qe los tratan a los animales así creen qe no tienen vida,corazón imagínense por un instante qe pasaría si fuera al revés qe las personas sufrieron tanto como los animales yo les pregunto ¿no tienen vergüenza? ODIO A LOS MATADORES DE ANIMALES OJALA SUFRAN COMO LO ANIMALES 

HighPriestess10 says:

Bless you again xxx

Carolyn Campbell says:

May I ask a question please? I was taught not to attempt to pat or pet a strange, rather a dog who doesn't know you, specifically strays and especially hurt strays … on the head. They percieve it as a threat. That you are to offer your hand under their head … or simply to hold your hand out, palm up. If there is a concern about being bitten, to be quiet, use a calm quiet tone and let them come to you. Not a criticism in any way … just asking for clarification. Thank you :)

anil ghimeray says:

God bless your all

Pooja Kkaria says:

Lovely..great job PAWS

One Super Girl 20 says:

I shared because they need a new home if you can adopt one of please do

than san says:

when i was kid around 5 0r 6 yrs old, place where i grew up, thererescue used to be somany stray dogs and i wish i could

Dominic George says:

I'm crying

Murad Suleymanov says:


Murad Suleymanov says:

thank you man

Murad Suleymanov says:

thank you men

Veggie Meat says:

Look at the scene at 3:53, both of the dogs have fur colours like Frozen's Elsa & Anna's hair colours, Aurora name should be rename as Elsa xD

mark robertson says:

Bad part was when the 'LUCKY LEASH" was put on her,,,,,, it was a "SLIP NOOSE" so when she pulls she chokes to death, perhaps heart in right place but RETARDATION RULES THE DAY. PROVEN!!!!  I can prove it to any one, you can be the dog, I have a leash, just stop by.

ana salgado says:

Two stray dogs get separated during the rescue – …:

blitzfunable_ says:

Thank you for all that you do for these animals!!

Esmia Deleon says:

please help these dogs. all they want is a home!

Cesar González says:

Oh they were both female 

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