Very Funny Puppies

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Puppies are vyer funny and that is why this video was made – i love puppies – love there ears there nice and soft like theese kind ()() i love them!


daisy atwater says:

that is sssssooooo cite♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

alayna hogan says:

3:37 high five??

ThatsGottaBeKathy says:

Aww, these puppies are so cute…. AND FUNNY! I couldn’t stop laughing.

juu oon says:

0:16 Sir Elton Hercules John’s puppy?

Abby Sanchez says:

i love puppies my little sis always play with the puppies

nichole brown says:

i know my pic is a cat but dogs and pupies are soooo cute

Britney Wadlow says:

omg i love it soo cut ebut what up with baby eats dog?!?!?!?

karenceja2 says:

baby eat a puppy

jacksoncole79 says:

check out my puppy video 😀

MrMaxwell1999 says:

aaawww so umm?????? uhh ? duu i cant explain it realy explain it but 2:oo watch it and it explains its self but besidses this there are some really cute puppies

nany9637 says:

the 24 people who disliked r cat lovers. screw u cats

joannita2002 says:

so cuite!!!!!!!!!!!! love it

TobiTheHedgehog says:

Watch out,we got a thumbs up whore.

MadDog2000001 says:


swartzshelley says:

Thats sooo precious!!!!

Elena Georgieva says:

Its simple the people who hate puppies are losers and the people who love puppies are AWESOME!!! <3 their sooo cute

PloOOpeRS980 says:

the music OMG i hatee the music not the video lolz

car03los1 says:

they were so cute

veronica erwin says:


agarriott80 says:

So cute

TheYoungRandomers says:

If you liked this you’d love this puppy. Search: My Little Puppy Series 2×11

chiwawagirlz1 says:

Hey everyone subscribe

RewiredRS says:

omg i love puppies so much

dabomb54522 says:

OMG they are so cute
but the poor puppy that the baby was trying to eat

michaelchaseholguin says:

its funny how its an asian baby trying to eat the puupy

ajibril2001 says:

in 0:17 its a puppy like justin bieber (thumbs up if true)

ajibril2001 says:

Oh adorable puppies all puppies has right too so take care of your puppies at home!

AlanaMoonGoddess88 says:

i loooooooove that!!!!

SiicKzTV says:

lol so funny make more

yashibieber says:

cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

lily2011510 says:

i like it but not at 1:50

lollybells1 says:

Awwwww :-D

Slimpathy12 says:

puppy planking 0:33

MrWhiteguy6 says:

i think i gonna watch some footbal because i don’t feel a man richt now
(srry mi english is not that good)

erdvilla says:

The one at 1:23 loks identical to my 1st dog, how many good memories with that one, even tough he bite me twice but it was a good partner.

MrIbanos says:

Well, Hope, though I quite enjoy puppies, I’m not going to give you a thumbs up for a few reasons. 1.) “Who could dislike puppiess” is a question, and therefor can not be agreed with. Also, your obvious disregard for punctuation and grammar makes if very difficult for me to want to agree with anything you say, be it in proper form or not. Since it’s obvious that you love both Eminem and puppies, I’m going to assume you have dog named Shady or something to that effect. I hate you.

Melody Bender says:

2:21 lol are they laying down and eating 😛

lamesa916 says:

this video is haleriaous

moonlightlycanluvr says:

0:17 justin beiber dog must kill the hare

nicholas viscusi says:

SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jacobmalott says:

lol puppy centipede at 0:36

SpongeDude8 says:


katthowell says:

the 14 dislikes was the music 🙂

FrankieisGreen4ever says:


madaraoluv2 says:

this can cheer anyone up who’s sad. Ty 4 heering me up

uzair khan says:

LMAO AT 2:03

Pauluxo says:

what this music?

JayJay15Jalayne says:

1:32 lmfao!!

Vegas1405 says:

How did do this i cant figure it out??

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