Westie Meets Cyber Puppies

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This Westie is having a Zoolander moment. “You’re telling me the puppies are IN the computer? It’s so simple…”
Original Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8KjEPSRu-M
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Adam Ant says:

Send this to Samsung or another company that makes lap tops.

This would make a really great commercial.  =D

Donna Trimble says:

Wow! What a smart dog! I love how he tries to find the dogs at the back of the computer! My dog wouldn't be so bright!

1Davidrs1 says:

Se ha quedado to rayao

Gailiann says:

So cute are Westies.  Surprised he didn't use his paw to knock down the laptop.

321cumshot says:

It's sad to see what the human kind had made of the wolf over centuries.

Bettafishaddictlover Fishlover says:

Awh cute

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