Wolfie’s First Week – Impossibly Cute Husky Puppy

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This is a highlight reel of my Siberian Husky puppy Wolfgang (a.k.a. Wolfie). ^_^

As many of you have been asking for it, here is the link to the update video Part 1~!!

And here is the Part 2 of him growing up~!


Steven Tyner says:

Woof woof woof woof!. A very nice little dog. Thx for posting it made my day

Louis Louie says:

3:31 Very clever idea! I'm gonna make a bottle into the toy for my poodle=]

liz bet says:

awww this is heart warming

Oksana U says:

Does he love Mozart?

Giselle Gaytan says:

This omg this is so cute I love them there just amazing huskies

Derek Stynes says:

Handsome Boy, I bet He will be a Howler…..

TheJaayys says:

2:25 sounded like a baby Chewy!

GlitchedPhonic says:


Michael Nguyen says:

Is he a pure breed?

KlutzyPvP says:

aww its saying at 2:49 "I DONT POO" lol!

Eugene Krabs says:

Wolfie: "I poo in the house? Do not! Innocent until proven guilty!"

juanlash says:

222 don't have a soul……. how can they dislike THIS cute Furry little guy!!!!

Cyantine Eye Productions says:

He's so vocal! Haha from day one our husky puppy barely made a sound, she doesn't bark or howl but she does grizzle if we ignore her. 

xTHEDWTA61x says:

excuse me i need to bring bin laden back to life then kill him to regain my manliness after this video

The Smark says:

+106lifeisgreat I really want a dog lol. These damn cute videos

Mel Roselyn says:

I just can't wait to get a Husky when I finish college and get a real job! They are so incredibly cute as puppies and majestic when all grown up.
 Thanks for sharing this video with us!

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