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WORLDS LAZIEST PUPPY!!! I hope this Lazy Puppy Dog brings a smile to your face and brightens up your day! If you get some spare time please help us out by hitting the share button! Send it to a friend or family member to brighten up their day, I’m hope our puppy can do that! POST THIS LINK ON YOUR FACEBOOK: TAGS USED FOR PUPPY VIDEO: puppy lazy Puppy dog worlds laziest puppy beautiful and sexy girlfriend cutie pie adorable cute thin intelligent gorgeous mans best friend smart teddy bear loyal goof ball bark sleeping in Monday morning slump good boy hang over PAJAMAS super bowl sunday Family puppies BABIES Exercise Work out Animal Planet Ellen Degeneres show america’s funniest home videos RayWilliamJohnson puppy puppy puppy puppy puppy Cutest puppy video hopefully in your eyes.


robloxplasticzombie says:

My chihuahua is so lazy that I can put a dog toy right on his nose and he won’t move. At all. He stares at it, and eventually tilts his head so it rolls off.


my rat is bigger. 🙂

ysavaikis says:

What an adorable puppy,love all of Joey’s drama too! lol

douwethaman says:

holy shit you got the same duvet cover as me! except i use the blackside up.

cute doggy btw! 😀

sj4 says:

He Was Like Dude Leave Me Alone & Let Me Sleep lol Awww So Cute 🙂

TooManyPBJs says:

there was a dog version of me?

CallMePianoMan says:

Makes sense that the dog is from America.

AiioooOfficial says:

>.< Cuteeeee! Create a profile for your puppy at, the world's first full feature social network for pets! Lick you there! Love, the Aiiooo team

TheWhyareyouracist says:

hahahahaha i freaking love this dog hahahahaha so freaking cute how old ? 

lildatboy196 says:

lol when i tell my dog lets go on a walk she runs at the door and grab her leash.

jensibowable says:

Being lazy is damn hard work people

Sophistrylol says:


ThePosalie says:


wreckelite says:

18 people don’t like going for walks either

ChibiBakaGreen2356 says:

I swear this dog is my long lost twin.

kickassslaya25 says:


MisterSimpatico666 says:

OOoooh *-*
Sooo cute! @_@

nnuutteerr says:

my dog does the exact same thing

CanadianHockeyGuy22 says:



haha thats awesome very cool dog my dogs name is toby as well

highjacker111 says:

so does mine

ThePamperedPuppy says:


ThePamperedPuppy says:


ThePamperedPuppy says:

Joey does too once we get outside!

ThePamperedPuppy says:

And thank you for your encouraging comment!

ThePamperedPuppy says:

Joey is the same way! He does not like to get up early!

ThePamperedPuppy says:

Well I hope you enjoyed the video!

vivalapwned says:

The Vancouver Riot brought me here

ryan02190 says:

why were you going for a walk without shoes

myloyaldoggie says:

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The1Blackwings says:

He reminds me of me

MrMs1017 says:

so much kyyyyyyyooooooooottt!!! :DDDD

lovepuppy825 says:


6MemoryOfForever9 says:

Don’t do it…. DON’T DO IT…. NO… NONONONO.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw O.o oh no, I did it! :P

shellybenderful says:

My rescue puppy, Ralphie, does the same thing! He will hide under the bed covers because he doesn’t want to get up – takes forever to get him up in the morning!


That dog knows what’s up!

neongirl855 says:

that how i am when my mom wakes me up for school! and when i have gym at school [ not that my mom wakes me up at school or something ]

Chucky732 says:

That puppy is so cute that it warms my heart with love

sweetynott says:

hahahahaha i love hiiiiiiiiiiiiim

carmelle53 says:

So cute tks sharing this video with us

RytSannys says:

A cute puppy who has the right idea XD

cookiebeher says:

my dog is really lazy she sleeps all day its not good i take her outside in the balcony and she only stands and feels the breeze and when i take her for walks she tries to go back home. and my dog is a yorkie 2 shes 3 and only in the night she is like barking im like now u wanna play?

BoyScout1960 says:

Don’t bother the puppy! He worked hard standing up and now he’s tired!

devpoke513 says:

everyone please watch this video my friends sister has downs syndrome and they are trying to raise awareness, her mom says “”Just because she has a “syndrome” does not make her any less a person.” please help them out by suscribing and spreading the word!­g

m4xt3r says:

cucu! :)

softwhere07 says:

i’m not sure thats a good thing.

TwinCreekStables says:


stanmorephoenix says:

Canadians Aye?

gluesticksGiRl1 says:

that is funny my dog usually pulls on hie leash telling me to go faster

HelloO1978 says:

cute puppy!!! <3

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