3 Cockers And A Santa Hat

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Seasons Greetings from Jimmy, Misty and Stevie.


evie45v says:

Ha | Fantastic Thank you btw a little blog isabella.camfille18.com

Ursha says:

Fantastic ! ;-)))


how absolutely precious is that! Your dogs are so well-behaved! It really brought tears to my eyes. I love the commentary! Keep up the good work!

Uma Kasamamaeteephong says:

They are so cute! (^O^) I love them.

nrdmrt says:


orpheaneus says:

From France : it’s soooo cuuute!!! they’re lovely!!!

Chaminou_Hiddir says:

Oooh, so lovely ! The bicolor loves playing with that ! & the golden, very quiet (excuse me, I’m french and maybe not very clear… ;o))

Dany says:

Very very nice! complimenti!
and Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful cockers!!

cuoreblu50 says:

from Italy whit “amore” love!merry christmas!

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