3 Hours of Relaxing Dog Music. Calming music for dogs! Perfect for fireworks!

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Relax My Dog uses sound sweep technology designed to relax and calm your dog. If you dog has sleeping problems or anxiety problems or is even stressed during fireworks, you should try our music. It will calm your puppy, Bulldog, German Shepard, in other words, any breed!

Use music in order to help your dog or puppy instead of opting for medication. Relax my Dog music has helped thousand of dogs, and animals worldwide to sleep and reduce their anxiety overall.

If you have a new puppy and you are introducing him or her to crate training, Relax My Dog is perfect and will be extremely helpful in these anxiety inducing and stressful situations. Although this is all a part of bringing up a pet dog, we will try to make life easier for you and your precious pup! Other cases where Relax My Dog can help is in the car, some dogs become nervous when being driven, or even if you dog suspects that he is on the way to vets, so get the digital download and play it in the car to keep your dog happy and calm all the time.
The most common problem that we hear about is separation anxiety. Relax My Dog’s music has improved thousands of cases of separation anxiety and barking canines all over the world.


Dennis Gordon says:

How did youtube bring me here following a song called "I fuck dogs?"

stephen storey says:

my dog Pixel light a lighter and started to chant..go figure, he is always the clown!

poolehart says:

My dog's already asleep. I hope this doesn't put her in a coma.

ashwee2full says:

This is the cutest thing ever. 

Zodija says:

I don't know if this will relax my little dog that's so terrified of thunder, fireworks and even a hard rain, but I'm about 15 minutes into the video and could sure use a nice, long nap. :)

Nancy Morrison says:

My dog prefers Willy Nelson!

Xander Musser says:

This also works for people. Feeling sleepy…

Jo Ann Stanton says:

Why is there gross and uncalled for type on here I came to share about animals Let's take time out of our anger to praise the Lord and love His creatures

Pet Talk News says:

This is awesome – thank you for making it.

Relative says:

My dog flipped shit once I put my headphones around her ears. Probably because I accidentally played Skrillex.

[this was a funny joke comment]
All jokes aside during our fireworks show we had loud as hell fireworks and they always scare my dog when we light them. I put the music on my iPod and put a pair of my headphones around her ears and she was relaxed. Thanks +Relax_My_Dog

Parawetv says:


Danny M says:

so do I just pet headphones over my dogs ears and it calms them down?

mannat sharma says:

my dog was injured , after applying medicine, she was more scared and then after i turned out this soothing music, she is all asleep and calm ! 🙂 thank you

Victor Stewart says:

I have a 4 year very excitable and anxious chihuahua, at 27:31, minutes and seconds….peacefully out. Thank you for posting and sharing.

KrillinTheNoise says:

im not a dog but this nice

jasmania k says:

it only toke 3 minutes till my dog fell a sleep

Robert Belfiore says:

OMG this actually worked! My dog has been violently shaking for the past 6 hours, and after 2 hours of this music he has completely stopped shaking – and even moving! 🙂  Hes so comfortable!!  I'm gonna let  him be since hes been completely silent the last 20 minutes.  LOL hes so cute!

Preston Taylor says:

All of my 5 dogs fell asleep THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i did not sleep for two days cause of barking at are new neighbors two dogs :p

Beverly Hunt says:

Thank you.  This is very peaceful .. Our 2 elderly pets seem to love it … we enjoy it, also.

GorgeousDoodles Melanie says:

Very NICE !…..  is relaxing

d bondozzz says:

oh no, not my dog my dad's boss's dog.

d bondozzz says:

when I hear it ir reminds me of pirate101 marleybone world

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