30-Minute Puppy Massage

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I ended up watching the entire thing, and it was wonderful.

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Tenohira Meditation Music
International House of Reiki

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[Pam Holt]
[Fur Baby Rescue]


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Shrada Tuladhar says:

The puppy looks uncomfortable!

annabelle jane young says:

the puppy looks scared and at 14 min he looks like hes in pain!

Rhiana Williams (GandalfPugz) says:

anyone else get really relaxed by this

Xpl1k3R890 says:

hes soo poofy

simone mars says:

he didn't even want a massage

Федя Борзянкин says:

Oh my flipping god, that so exciting. Especially at 4:49.

PhantomGaming Mlg says:

Umm that puppy looks like it's trying to run away.

Alejandra Navash says:

Maybe is just me but the puppy struggles to get out of her hands for almost half of the video till he was finally so tired that fell asleep, I felt really uncomfortable watching this because he clearly wasn't happy, it felt kind of abusive to be honest.

Abby OConnor says:

Awww the puppy is adorable •3•

sunshine beauty jep says:

btw I've been reading loaxs a comments and how do u lot know that she's a professional like how?

Karen Price says:

I wish that was me right now

sunshine beauty jep says:

but still the puppy isn't upset with any of it so well yh

sunshine beauty jep says:

if I was the puppy I would have bit her I know that may seem mean but I would have

sunshine beauty jep says:

the puppy is like whats happenin

Lana DelBae says:

I felt so uncomfortable when the sound was on, once I turned it off, it was cute.

Angel Watkins says:

Cuteness overload

Emese Kuti says:

That was the cutest 30 minutes i spent on a video????????i will probably try this to my dog????????????

Superman07 says:

Did anyone else think this was relaxing ????????

Beavis says:

Chinese food.

Stephanie Zdyb says:

im so high this is so relaxing <3

TheNuclearEclipse says:

Is this the ASMR?

Riley Sutton says:

who actually watched the full 30 minutes video and why does the puppy sound like it's in heat???

Mark Beristain says:

OK, just me or that voice sounds a really sexual way. Funny music it's way better next time.

Kadyn Avery says:

That is such a cute name for such a mystical animal. You go, Apricot.

Motiece says:

i dont even have a dog but ok

TheGrizzlyGamer says:

when you ran out of ideas but you still need that youtube paycheck

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