5 week old Doberman Puppies playing

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Our very cute 5 week old Doberman pups playing on the Live puppy cam!


Angel Chambers says:

Awwww, oh my goodness, they’re so CUTE!!!! 🙂

Ascha Oliver says:

Aww, puppies(:

Tony D. says:

How much?!

xXdeathCrystalXx says:

Depends on the breeder and if they are for show, breeding, or just for pet, anywhere from $500 to $5,000’s.

animaljam86776 says:

The brown ones are cute just sitting there.

CzechFitnessGirl says:

Cute! I just brought my puppy home one week ago!

haseebgood says:

hi,Whats the price of a doberman puppy in your country?

MercyMe0322 says:

I’m picking up my doberman puppy on the 19th of this month and i’m so excited. His name is Blue and he’s black/rust (odd, i know e_e)

karissa williams says:

do you have any brown females

karissa williams says:

i want the borwn one with the red color is it a boy ? and i eaither want a black one or another brown one idk? and if i get 2 brown ones i want them to be males!

karissa williams says:

i would like 2 have 2 dogs my dad said he would get me 2 dogs i want your 2 i want one girl and one boy i want a black one and a brown one please how much do they cost:)

mikegsr94 says:

I have a german shepherd and I would love to add a doberman in the mix. Nice dogs

porkchopfatshack says:

Just curious, why is your name pornflakes?

Amanda de la Presa says:

omg i need another baby!!! i have a eleven month old but i want a red… gorgeous babies!!!!!!!

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