70 dogs cats recovered from Bluffton animal rescue, home

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70 dogs, cats recovered from Bluffton animal rescue, home

The Ohio SPCA & Humane Society rescued 70 dogs and cats from TLU Rescue and its owner’s home in Bluffton on Friday night. These cats were removed from the rescue and provided with clean bedding, food and water. BLUFFTON — The 70 animals at TLU Rescue needed to be saved twice, once by the Bluffton-based animal rescue shelter and once by humane officers Friday night.

Now the owner of the rescue could face criminal punishment after cleanup crews found “more of a hoarding situation than an animal rescue,” said Teresa Landon, executive director of the Ohio SPCA & Humane Society.

“The animals didn’t have clean food at all,” she said. “Inside the cages we found maggots that were in the food. These animals were living in their own waste.”

The Bluffton Police Department originally responded to a complaint Friday night about TLU Rescue, 142 Vance St., Chief Rick Skilliter said. Officers found […]


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