Apparently Dogs Can Tell Time With Their Noses

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Apparently Dogs Can Tell Time With Their Noses

Photo: Karen Kiley-Miller/Getty Images/iStockphoto From the way a dog will ecstatically greet you at the door when you’ve returned from your arduous two-minute journey of putting out the garbage or checking the mail, one would assume that dogs have very poor senses of time. You were gone for minutes; your dog reacts as if you’ve been reunited after months away from each other. Who can explain the mind of a dog?

Alexandra Horowitz can, actually, or at least she shares some fascinating insights into the canine mind by focusing on the way they primarily engage with the world — that is, their extraordinary senses of smell. Horowitz is the founder of Barnard College’s Dog Cognition Lab , and she’s also written a new book drawing from her research: Being a Dog , which is out this week. In that book, she states plainly her theory concerning dogs and chronology. “As […]


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