Beagle Puppy From 8 Weeks to 8 Months

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This is a compilation of little Marie my new baby beagle.
In this video you can see her growing up and being naughty like most dogs are.
They can be very cute when they sleep but a handfull if they are bored.
Mayhem starts at 1:45 🙂


DaKare2126 says:

You're videos always put a smile on my face. And on those days I want to ring my two beagles by the neck (i.e. diggingin my flower garden, stealing my makeup and eating it, chewing on a house plant, devouring a brand new roll of toilet paper) these videos remind me…Beagles you just got to love them

Betsy Cruz-Reyes says:

+Charlie The beagle and Laurua Olivia your right they are so cute together

its me diaaa says:

Can you please tell me if beagles shed a lot? these two are so adorable it hurts :)

Diana Cortes says:

Son bellos..bellos..

Klaus Galla says:

Very nice…

Janice Harris says:

Sorry I mean Charlie is quite the TP thief.

Janice Harris says:

Loved this 🙂 Louie is quite the toilet paper thief,isn't he !?

dragonwolf13 0628747821 says:

Aww,too cute..

Skulls Ain't Dead says:

Louie seems to adopt a bit of a grumpo/groucho attitude when Marie is playing, example 0:56! Although, its hard to tell how long she had been pestering him for, his patience could well be running thin!

Fermin Iguacel says:

is río o no

Ivana Huljev says:

my neighbour has pupi beagle

Ivana Huljev says:

how old is louie

Bob Ray says:

It's great that Marie had such a great big brother to follow and learn from. Will there be a 3rd or is 2 already a handful? ????????????

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