Best funny and cute dog videos compilation 2014

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Funny and cute dog videos compilation! A lot of funny dog videos! Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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Raluca Sofrone says:


Ayana Holmes says:

1:25 is what I look like when im tired of chewing a whole lot of gum 

Aimi Ichiko says:

So funny

MOZY - S says:


Cristian Perazzin says:


Stealth720000 says:

This should be scariest dogs video

Cerbère Help says:


Obvious Sergeant™ says:

The music is so annoying

orangeandyoghurt says:

Dog growls and shows teeth and all the owner does is baby voicing "Are u mad? Don't be mad…". Another one even snaps after the owner – and the owner pets him/her. TRAIN YOUR DOGS!! It's unacceptable behaviour and your responsibility!

Joanna Kricka says:

Cute like hell

T Brockton says:

Taunting a little dog and making him growl because you find it entertaining shows ignorance. It isn't funny and no I did not enjoy watching it. There are no bad dogs only people who teach them bad things. Blame the owner for this dog being a little nipper.

PowerJugs says:

Angry dogs are a huge no no. The one at the start holding the dog's mouth while activaely growling in protest is case and point. 2:35 same sort of thing. They can bite if they get pushed too far.

Some of them are brilliant though. Teasing a dog within its boundaries is fine. If they activaely protest through growling, not so.

Ellen Petras says:

Das sind einfach ganz supertolle Videos und sehr lustig…

Waffleman Gaming says:

Sooooooooooo cute

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