Best Of Funny Guilty Dog Compilation 2016

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Remember the last time you felt guilty. I guarantee you a guilty dog looks exactly like you. Guilty dogs act like we do when they get caught. Watch these funny dogs in this guilty dog videos compilation.


Streifer says:

you know every time i see something like this, i'm at a lost for words… for the owner hoping for the dog to answer them back… seriously…

Devan Snopel says:

And did you know saying bad dog takes away the thing that holds you and your dog together! So they don't really trust you anymore

Devan Snopel says:

sad not saf

Devan Snopel says:

Who video tapes there dog that is shaky and scared of what there owners are going to do to them because of what they've done that madness and really saf

Rahiem Turner says:

Dog john cena is a legend.

swimbuddy friends says:

You don't have to scare the dog that it starts to shake fucking jerk to animals also they have feelings to you know

Donnie Conner says:

Strange I used to let my dog chew up his toys because that is what they were for.

rosemaravilha says:

I love their cute faces aaawww! want to kiss all of them and say; 'it's ok, baby, it's ok' and baby talk them! muah, muah, xxxxx

sheperdsfireworks says:


zach hi says:

I'm now convinced that all the dogs on those humane society commercials ate cookies they weren't supposed to.

Keith Buckson says:

That last dog was like"Oh SHIT! It's not what it looks like, :(. A squirrel came in, and threatened to chew all the black lines. He forced me too chew up the fluffy chewy goodness."

Tyler Roche says:

I swear dogs know what's going on 

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