Bulldog tries to sit in box too small

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Bo tries to squeeze into a box that is clearly too small for him. Bo “works” at Northern Youth Abroad and keeps us entertained to no end and is a nice addition to our busy office. For more info or to donate to NYA please visit. www.nya.ca.


jimmyshitbags says:

although a lot of dog breeds are healthy, humans have essentially started with wolves wolves and produced a whole new line of freaks.

ondastrengh says:


Fryman239 says:

The face alone made me lmao

CheshireAnime says:


45kawcak says:

hahaha everytime i read this comment it makes me laugh!!

chelsea2451 says:

BUH i wan sit here!

TheStars201 says:

Lmfao awwww

Kassandra Perron says:

ahahah LUV bulldogs <3  lolllll

gooodwoood says:

The fuck is wrong with it’s mouth

glinnz05 says:

dog looks like a piranah…..

MovieReviews98 says:

They’re like a married couple.

xXxL3tHa1xXx says:

Do you happen to know how many times I can vote up a comment? XD

BlacklavenderVida says:

“If I fits, I sits.”

NeccoWecco says:

Dogs are just mutated wolves. Derived from the most docile ones. So essentially, all dogs are abominations 😉

RDawgsuperpro1996 says:

The dog has a large underbite, which is pretty common among bulldogs.

peaceluvcats says:

This would be me as a dog

jimmyshitbags says:

I don’t call retarded people that to avoid hurt feelings/conflict, but we’re talking here about an animal that was created by humans intent on making a breed that looks a certain way, and through inbreeding and irresponsibility it’s resulted in this sort of thing. Weird, fucked up creatures with ailments and deformities that suffer because of it and should never have existed.

NeccoWecco says:

Harsh words. Abnormalities is a much better way to put it. Do you call retarded people abominations? I think not.

shagnic1200 says:

Dog:Fuck you nigga YOLO

gallowspole says:

The guy is canadian is is REQUIRED to say ABOUT in every video.

sergiolara0165 says:

so awesome i cant belize he almost sliped he was so too cute he could at least got a bigger box i mean he could have got 4 of other big ones to chose not just that one

BrideOfTheMonster1 says:

Determined To Make It Fit,What A Darling!!

jimmyshitbags says:

nah I meant abominations, freaks, mutants

vvelvettearss says:


Jennyyycx says:

I feel like the guy speaking is Canadian..

sophiaramirochris says:

He’s like fuk u bitch it fits

hatmerchant says:

u cat is so fat?

hatmerchant says:

so fat!!!!the bulldog

Hisako90 says:

Lol!!! Awwww

massni94 says:

Goddamit I have a Mid semester exam tomorrow

juukeeBB says:

Looks like Marlon Brando pissed off.

Pwon1992 says:

i like how his facial expression matches his character: grumpy and stubborn

FrancisJCastleIII says:

Dude is awesome! He’s a fatty mcfat fat

Erik Anderson says:

What a bone head.

SparkSpiritBlue says:

Bo and Maru should meet…

NeccoWecco says:

you mean abnormalities lol

NeccoWecco says:

lol my cat used to do that too

jimmyshitbags says:

it’s because they’re severely inbred, genetic abominations

Liginha9 says:

I am totally and absolutely in love with you, Bo. You’re just like my girl, a bulldog like you!

goddessdianamoon says:

ha ha my cat does this too. i think they knew at some point they fit so they should still fit. ha ha! cute

SouloHoe says:

Why’s his teeth like that? I legit never seen one of these dogs haha.

downyourtube says:

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pinkstrawberrypig says:

Lol dog was was thinking “LIKE I GIVE A FUCK” xD

MagzSwims says:

So cute!

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