Can Dogs Get The Flu? Here’s How To Protect Your Fur Baby This Season

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Can Dogs Get The Flu? Here's How To Protect Your Fur Baby This Season

It’s practically impossible to make it through the winter months without worrying about, or at least hearing about, the flu. It’s all anyone can talk about, honestly. But while you’re scrubbing your hands every hour on the hour to keep flu germs at bay, there might be something that hasn’t yet crossed your mind: Dogs can get the flu , too, and if you’ve got your own little fur baby at home, it’s important to know how to keep ’em safe and healthy this season.

The 2018 winter season has marked one of the deadliest flu seasons in recent history, reaching all 50 states in the U.S. and taking the lives of at least 30 children , according to a recent report from TIME. As if that’s not scary enough, there’s apparently a canine flu that we need to stay wary of, in addition to our own flu.

The dog flu, […]


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