Cute and Funny Puppy scared of the Floor!

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A Sheltie Puppy. Before you leave a comment, grow up. She is fine, she’s not hurt, I am not sick, stupid or any other name you could think of calling me. Of course I picked her up and cuddled her when I was done filming. She just happened to wander into the bathroom, we found her whining and thought it was interesting, none of our other puppies have done that before. Getting her on tape for a minute doesn’t hurt her. Slippery floors can some times surprise puppies because it is not what they are used to. I can’t do anything to change opinions or make people believe I wasn’t hurting or abusing her. She’s probably about 3 now, and she was adopted by a nice family. That is all you really need to know.


Pet40552 says:

Awwwww it’s so cute! I just wanna hug it so badly!!!

adelaide campbell says:

very cute but kinda mean

Fair Tester says:


Tetley310 says:

So cruel 🙁

Inzl Kett Woods-Marks says:

Awe, she is so cute. Very strange that she’s scared of the floor. Maybe the coldness startled her? :p

icedragon1500 says:

OMG i want to shoot myself because of how bad I feel for that puppy

PancakePlease says:

no you shouldn’t coddle a dog in a fear state stupid. and it’s a puppy thta’s like 4 weeks old, it’s going to cry no matter what

mandoo forti says:

Give her or him a god danm pat

olivia shelley says:

grow up your self and help your pup

fatalfoxy says:

SO CUTE! Thanks for sharing! 

JNetTV1 says:

my puppy used to sound like that when ever i had to leave

samantha montoya says:

Sounds like a pig haha

Shayd93 says:

Not scared of floor just disoriented

amy sauceda says:

poor puppy but why can`t u adopt that little puppy to my little sis (she is 9 ) we live in david st.4011 and our adrees is 4011 if u only have a other puppy like that

fabuloussss93 says:

ohh remember dont wear furrr in china they use dogs like this to skin them alive

fabuloussss93 says:

awwwwwwwwwwwww this is sooo cute i dont think this is animals cruelty you found this adorable and you wanted to tape it and this was adorable awwwww

Jailyn Ausborn says:


kcolley97 says:

Check out

laeccentricmango says:

she sounds like a squeeky toy aawww!

lawrence ferreira says:

 alabama is saying this floor is cold and smells bad lol get me off the floor and love me lol …aloha from hawaii lol

EmmyLemmy10 says:

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ChampionOfDacia says:

There good when you serve them with mash potato’s & gravy, if you cook them right they taste just like chicken =)

ILoveYou16121 says:

Awe! It’s sooooo cute!

AnoyingBoy1 says:

Awwwww! Poor puppy 🙁

ejstras says:

The puppy is like “Why is the floor moving?!?! WTF! Wooooooaaaahhhh!

mackrocks2000 says:

Soo cute! I have a golden. Her name is daisy. Cute name huh!

ErikCasse1 says:

awww i want one of those

nattyasha101 says:

aw bless! I remember when we got our puppy, she wouldn’t set foot in the hall because she didn’t like the wooden floor! So adorable!!

Mikayla Racz says:


1mackpup says:


Roger Vincent says:

she want’s to be held

wbvsm says:

She looks like a hedgehog 0:45

Clarince1 says:

The floor is cold

Devon Stephens says:

Why would someone record a video of a puppy crying at the bathroom?

rosea79 says:

she looks so cute and her name is so cute “Alabama!!!!!!!!:D

karley032900 says:

My dog (profile Picture) is also very scaared of lots of things. Thats not cute or funny. its kinda sad.

duskennedy2 says:

People r stupid he looks scared not abused although have to admit his coat resembles a bunny

CrazySexyrealCool says:

Shelties are VERY timid dogs. I’ve had one since he was a puppy. He’s scared of electric tooth brushes, blenders, remote control cars, pens tied to a string, MEN, etc. Has he ever been abused? No way. Not ever. He’s one of the most loved dogs around. When he was a puppy he was also afraid of mirrors. With exposure, he doesn’t notice them anymore. Obviously a dog living in this house is going to need to be exposed to the floors to get comfortable with them. The fact that people are calling the m

littlebigkicker says:

Wolf pup

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