Cute Dogs And Adorable Babies Compilation

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In this cute dog and baby video, tune in to see some precious and hilarious moments between dogs, puppies, babies, and toddlers. Precious.


Jessie Jacobs says:

so adorable

Pam Itkins says:

0:20 thats mean

Wilson arias quiroz says:

Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

Theodor Lerch says:


StartabandRoxy says:

Why do I get the feeling that someday, someone will be shooting a cute animal – baby video when suddenly the dog or cat starts ripping the baby into shreds?

larissa manoela says:

nao sorre do bebe
ele chora quando eu foi assim pequena o meu cachorro me mordeu e eu chorei

Jason Kwan says:

love the baby.

Shelly O'Heron says:

Love these baby's movie video thank you.

layla baha says:

Haha 0:20 my brother and I 

Tripti Negi says:

The puppies r really cute

Suha Syed says:

What type of dog is at 1:31?

Νικολάος Γαλάνης says:

Cute Dogs And Adorable Babies: Compilation:

Centenon says:

A dalmatian sitting on the kid is obviously not a good thing. Everyone knows that a dog that uses his weight to push is establishing dominance. Dalmatians have terrible temperament.

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