Cute dogs waking up owners – Funny dog compilation

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Watch how dogs want to wake up their owners because they want to play or eat or something. Aren’t they cute 😉 Hope you like our compilation about cute puppies and kitties, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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yomyoh says:

they always wake me up too early morning.

min jiang says:

Love is all!

steven newman says:

2:26 dogs sayin stop being a little bitch and get up

Charlotte Sia says:

My alarm clock broke.. I know where I will be getting a new one.. ;)

Alexia Garcia says:

My dog is little and she is a Chiwawa she is small

Alexia Garcia says:

My dog barks or she licked me cute

Giuseppina Cantoia says:


Bubika0716 says:

Oh no, I'm reminded of when Simba tried to wake Mufasa…

laura denieffe says:

The Lazer light one was just evil lol

Imee Carla Rico says:

A good experience every morning is to being awake by your dog through his morning kisses

‫علي الجبوري‬‎ says:


Jamie Lawrence says:

At the start I lmao

Kitty Kools says:

My dog always licks my face then jumps on my stomache it hurts!

Jolie Smile says:

yep! when is time to get up, is time to get up…. omg… ;)

Funny Channel HD says:

I really want to know how to teach these dogs waking up me on time in the morning. Of course I dont need to buy an alarm watch

Isabel Ortiz says:

My own dog alarm Milo left us last night 🙁 I'll miss hearing his scratches on the door & licks by my ankles every morning. Love ya bud!

Anjay M says:

Doge is love doge is life

ryukoros says:

Saw the green lazer in 3.40!

Exed \ says:

3:43 …… Ahhhhh (laser)

Jacqueline Baumgarten-Jaafar says:

Guten morgen, aufgewacht. 

Panda poo says:

I wish mine let me sleep. He always wakes me up at 6:00 in the morning.

::-Doppelganger-:: says:

5:05   wdfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Tim Chambers says:

Fake and staged. Buncha bull

blackflag mcc says:

These animals are an expression of the people who love them. 

Jose Salcedo says:

Coool and funny

Ni Huynh says:

4:17 R.I.P me…

Soul Eater says:

Dogs the perfect alarm clock

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