Cute Yorkie Puppy Eating While Doing Handstand – Funny & Hilarious

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Diamond man says:

it’s fake you can tell its fishing line

Luis Feairn says:

so funny

purinadogchow says:

Well that’s a new way to eat! This is a great video that made us laugh and smile! We’re giving fans the chance to win a coupon for one FREE bag of Purina® Dog Chow® dog food. Enter your humor-themed videos and pictures to our Dog Chow Facebook tab! We hope to see your talented and very funny eater on there! Rules:

Anu Lingineni says:


purple27bieber4 says:

that dog is not doing that himself, he is just a baby, and is trying to eat!!!

popgirl2533 says:

Heaven is trying to pull him back up <3

cupcakefreak44 says:

wouldnt that hurt the dog

Joelle Hamouche says:

That is dog abuse!!!!

Jacky Ramy says:

i think they put a clear string & there were pulling it up

mizzzlizzz02 says:

lol! Why is he doing that? So cute!

Jessica farid says:

“i wish my owners would stop pulling me up by that string so i could eat!”

Mary Kathryn Maynard says:

hey, come take a look at my channel 🙂 i have cute puppy dogs too!

Wishyouknew11 says:

he hass a string tied to his legs


‘Pawstand’ applies to rear and front paws, and seeing a dog standing on its hind legs isn’t exactly ‘rare’, so handstand describes it better.

TheInstinctVideos says:

Fake, dogs don’t have hands.

kona jackson says:

i cant even do a handstand.

93mirame says:

that is THE CUTEST DOG EVER i want that!!!!!

magicdude2001 says:

that dog can do a better handstand then me

Peyton Graham says:

I guess you teached the dog that.. You made the dog know that when that slap on the tabel or watever comes then he have to do that or he will get hurt.


cute puppy…

padyclaire says:


piiNkdiiVa09 says:

There’s obviously some redbull in his food (:

Claire Sandoval says:

Nice Laugh :))

flowerscardsandcandy says:

Just as I suspected… Aliens are real

shanksubplayman says:

BEAM ME UP SCOTTY!!! Wait, not now I’m eating…

AyeeTookus says:

This Is Real.. I Breed Dogs And When The Puppies Eat It Is Not Unusal For Them To Do This!! (:

TheCoverGirl96 says:

There are no strings. Like human babies, puppies have oversized heads, so he’s sort of being pulled down into his food.

dthomp16htc says:

About half of a puppies weight is in it’s head and front legs (it won’t distribute properly until it’s fully grown) and until it gets used to it when it puts it’s head down it’s back legs may go in the air. Hillarity ensues.

shashoo16 says:

How cute!!

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