Dog Slides Across the Snow

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Dog slides across the snow in a funny way.


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Jesus Rodriguez says:

This is how you do it, human.

NightyKnight says:

Talk about blue balls

Skyla Shakespeare says:

that to funny

The Isle Of Broken Toys says:

When your ball sack has dry winter itch.

Jamie Thompson says:

The lady didn't finish her sentence……????

Nednarb says:

hope the snow likes dragons

Your Neighborhood seagull says:

That must have burned.

LongLash CoffeeCat CoffeeCat for short says:

Why do I get the feeling that someone will re uploaded this video with "Deez Nuts! HA! Got 'em!" dubbed into the video?

PGTMR2 says:

I've heard of dogsleds but this is ridiculous. Take my wife… please. Is this thing on?

Muffin Dragon says:

Wasn't this on AFV?

Dawvi Mike says:

Sliding through your DMs like…????

Puppy Vids23 says:

So freaking cute

Icey Muzek says:

I haven't used video tape in years, I use my digital camera or my phone.

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