Dog Steals Cabbage

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Watch Maymo become best friends with a toy mouse: Subscribe! Like! Maymo on Facebook: Maymo the dog likes to steal cabbage off the kitchen table when he thinks no one is looking. This time he’s willing to do acrobatics to knock the cabbage closer to him so he can burgle it easier. Not sure if his strategy is completely successful, but it is cute as hell.


Amr T says:


GamerLaunch2013 says:

0:42 rofl LOL

dikiswevalo says:

WHY DO BEAGLES LOVE CABBAGE. o_o My dog does weird stuff like this too.

orbitalgarfield21 says:

AAAAWWW but he is being healthy!!!!!!!!!!

toblerusseta says:

Ruby 1981 –

It’s a song/story about a beagle who saves a little girl from drowning in a pool on the 4th of july 1981. Aesop Rock.

Make that your next youtube adventure , imo

tuber110011 says:

Am I the only one who thinks he looks like he’s smiling proudly when he has the piece of cabbage on his head?

mojotango21 says:

I do not envy ya’ll when that cabbage comes out the other end! Dog farts are the worst!!!

Zombiecraft8Vids says:

At 0:46 it looks like he’s crying

maciekkk123 says:

Awesome video.. but I’m wonder if the “owner” of the dog wear the same kind of hat 

norxcontacts says:

His farts are gonna reek.

WolfSpiritAD says:

LOL That dog knows how to eat better than lot of us XD

piemanrocksyea says:

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666loadie says:

i love you maymo!

canyounotsee says:

I wish i loved cabbage this much

clarissainjapan says:

BAWHAHAHHA!! omg i cant stop laughing

rikergrl69 says:

He was probably a stinky doggy after that cabbage!!! 

Bella TheShitzu says:

What a cutie! Hey all, check out my channel for my shitzu BELLA the cutie pie! If I get up to 5 subscribers, I will have Bella add another video! See you there!  🙂

kevincruz0721 says:

This video is funny

spiderladie says:

Dog takes what he wants like the honey badger

Maria Luisa Milla says:

is so so so so cute!!!!!!!!, thanks for sharing with us!

MadPutz says:

This dog needs some cat skills!

Sean Par says:

I love your dog!!!

dingo23451 says:

You have violated the law of Skyrim!

relaxmydog says:

Wow this dog really wants the cabbage! His face at the end is so sweet!

INVONT says:

DAY 13, 3rd hour 32 minutes:

My attempt of turning into Veggie has failed, god the food that they eat is aweful and un-chew-able. 

Beth Wan says:

OMG!! a veggie dog! AWESOME!

ishanthebaby says:

0:34 ahhh allll mostttt….
0:35 this is not real!!
0:36 – 0:39 this is real, steady steady…..

Peipei851024 says:

好可愛喔 還用跳的=))

Shawniee Maiee says:

Cabbage cabbage eating the cabbage chew chew chew the cabbage before mmamyy comes home.

Mcpasha90 says:

every dog eats vegetables o_O

philoposos says:


philoposos says:


Gioia Limoncino says:

He’s a red and white beagle!

WagstaffandCo says:

Lemon Beagle.

docker5468 says:

it will keep him regular, if you know what i mean

maximumnoise78 says:

So cute!

philoposos says:

Well, I’ll be the fifth person to ask :

TensaZangetsu5592 says:

an vegetarian dog?!

frieda981 says:

aww he’s so cute!

elizak1981 says:

simply adorable !!!!!!!!

bengal813 says:

The dog has similar coloring to the rabbaroo, too.

DreamingMusicBox HYC says:

J’adore! Reminds me of one my mums dogs, always up to mischief and ears anything! Lol!

Darkcat654 says:

That is so cute


don’t hurt the innocent cute little mutt

primadox says:

0:18 through 0:32 the dog is saying, “NOM NOM NOM!!!”

xSappheira says:

“MY CABBAGES!!” -Cabbage Man from Avatar

sillyangrybunnies says:

The hat is the best

huggybeartrucks says:


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