Dogs just don’t want to bath – Funny dog bathing compilation

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Some dogs love baths and some don’t. These are the ones who hate them. Some fight and some take like a champ!


doggi says:

Vermillion j, hey ass hole u must
Be the biggest. Idiot since u watched this also.

Cockney lass says:

Do not let your dog snarl or bare its teeth at you – that is a real sign of aggression AND do not put your face in front of a dog doing that – you are asking to be bitten if you do.

Charles Alexander says:

Spray them with hoes that's how I do it with my family to clean the dogs

Foxy Foxy says:

This video makes cats feel good about themselves.

Dem_eyes says:

:40 shes not bringing the dog to the batch, she is to the KITCHEN

Lesley Cano Lopez says:

I have a German shepherd and it doesn't like to take a bath 

Jana hit says:

XD Dogs are kinda like children, Who just doesn't wanted take a bath! XD I only give my cat a bath when she's cover in mud. :s

kiara mitchell says:

lol that is funny i lol so much i cryed

Rayane Bendefa says:

And i thought cats didnt like having baths

Lissette Pagan says:

I like theis dog

veerainderroy gour says:

Good to watch

Many Savathphan says:

Your dogs fun.

Alana Thacker says:

get in that bath!! get in that bath!!

Graciela Macedo says:

That is so funny and cute

Şüheda Keleş says:

Oğ' hhlüüüwwa

Danijela Stanković says:

I don't know, my chiwawa Diego like to bath and to play with a duckies

Yasmin Beltran says:

Funny and cute. Animals will be animals. Nothing wrong with bathing them.

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