Dogs Rescued From Puppy Mill Had Never Seen Sunlight Before!

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Dogs Rescued From Puppy Mill Had Never Actually Seen Sunlight

When a couple showed up at a property in Mississippi earlier this month looking to buy a puppy, they didn’t get to see much of the place.

Most of the sprawling property, complete with two barns and even a general store, was off-limits to visitors. The customers just handed over their money and were given a puppy.

But the tiny puppy told his own story. The animal was taken directly to a veterinarian, who determined him to be very sick. In fact, the puppy’s condition became grounds for a search warrant. Amiee Stubbs And last week, those buyers — who were actually undercover members of a rescue group called Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) — accompanied police officers and returned to that property in the small town of Senatobia.

And they got the full, gut-wrenching tour. Amiee Stubbs Describing the scene to The Dodo, ARC founder Scotlund Haisley says there was suffering in […]


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