Dogs Saved From Neglect Had Almost Given Up Hope

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Dogs Saved From Neglect Had Almost Given Up Hope

When Scotlund Haisley walked into a house, crammed so full of debris and clutter there was barely an inch to walk — all he could see was emptiness.

Sure, trash and feces was everywhere at the country house outside Nashville, Tennessee last week. Swarms of cockroaches writhed amid stacks of rotting boxes.

But the animals who lived there seemed little more than empty shells.

"When we got there, they were gone. They were vacant. They had given up," Haisley, president and founder of Animal Rescue Corps (ARC), tells The Dodo. Amiee Stubbs/Animal Rescue Corps The animals — eight dogs, a cat and a bird — would have likely left this world in the same unimaginable misery they had entered it.If not for an unexpected call for medical assistance from one of the people who lived at the Giles County house."For the animals and the people, that call changed everything," Haisley says. "There […]


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