Dogs Teaching Chemistry – Chemical Bonds

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I am a chemist and my greatest hobby is to train my dogs…why not combine the two?! Paige’s facebook- Dexter’s facebook – Contact us! Music: “East Side Bar” by Josh Woodward – …………………………………………………………………………………….. Chemical bonds are what hold atoms together. A chemical bond is an attraction between atoms that allows the formation of chemical substances. The electrons that participate in chemical bonds are the valence electrons, which are the electrons found in an atom’s outermost shell. An ionic bond is formed when one of the atoms will lose its electron to the other atom. This results in a positively charged ion, called an cation. and negatively charged ion, called an anion. Positive and negative attract! The result is ionic bond. Covalent chemical bonds involve the sharing of a pair of valence electrons by two atoms There are also what is called Polar Covalent Bonds. These are Covalent bonds in which the sharing of the electron pair is unequal. The result is a bond where the electron pair is displaced toward the more electronegative atom.


mocafever99 says:

Keep this up!! I LOVE it! 

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k1tsch83 says:

Please, tell me this is an on-going series. It’s really cute!!

Melanie Charron says:

LOVED it! 😀 

mytreasuredcreations says:

my 9 y.o. daughter thought this was great! the dogs wearing the glasses are the funniest thing!

Elolatitefolledu38 says:

So cutee !! and so clear !! thanks you !! ^^

sandrawold says:

Very cute and clever! I will show to my chemistry class tomorrow! Thank you!

Basel NABULSI says:

Can you please post the vidz of you training the dogs to do this? I guess a lot of the viewers would love to see that as well

kagenoyuushi says:

Those are some really well-trained dogs.

Bellameowmeowmeow says:

Haha so cute!

GravitySpec says:

cute :)

blackpaw29 says:

That was a much clear explanation of the various bonds than I ever got at school

Emma Nesbit says:

My teacher showed us this earlier and I love it!!!!

Rhoodah says:

omg! this is soo cute! I love your dogs^^,

KAPOWitsME21 says:

My teacher actually showed this to us and I’m in college! this is so cute! such well trained dogs! keep up the good work!

Saratovez says:

104 dislikes? Nice try, humanities!

nickiminajlover58 says:

so cute

GIRsquad says:

This is sooooo cute! I should show this to my science teacher

Diane Adams says:

These are great. I forwarded to my teenage sons. Please keep making these.

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Oh my god, this should be invented before my graduation in High School.

sudhindra srinivas says:

Dog Cuteness Level - Illegal!!! :-))

801Milcah says:

I learned more from these dogs than from my human teacher o_0

airwatching2 says:

Too cuteeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

tymanthius says:

My wife is a teacher, and plans to use this when appropriate.
Respond to me via email (this address at the Google mail domain) if you would like her to credit you in any certain way. 🙂

Thanks so much!

WindyTrousers says:

I’m a chem1 student, this was very helpful. can you just do the whole textbook real quick? okgreatthanks

AkiraKeiKyo says:

wow that is so cute. You’re such a good dog trainer, they actually sat in their hoola hoop 

xxxmeowxxx6669 says:

OMG Keep this going! This is super cute and educational 🙂

AxelTiger says:

see, now they didnt use cats because their not that smart lol

kerrgal says:

Looks like a Border Collie.

Burchell24 says:

I still think this is awesome! Kids would learn a lot easier like this! So creative and very well trained cute dogs 🙂

ivanovsd says:

Yay Im the cation..wait…what..

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xApothicRedx says:

This is brilliant! Keep it up!

Kev888 says:

0:46 Looks more like a dogion to me.

lius09 says:

If these dogs were my chem teacher in high school, I would’ve actually given a shit about the class.

NuKayon says:

I have a chem minor and this is perfect

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More please!

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Im learning0_o

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Shut up I’m trying to look at the dogs.

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this is too cute, my heart exploded

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