First Time Outdoors! 26 Day Old Basset Hound Puppies

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This is our newest litter born May 5th and 6th. They had so much fun their first time out!


tominator3 says:

and I thought my two basset hounds were cute

TheSuperyoshi1 says:

I luv bassets 🙂

Zeffelinda Singer says:

All from one litter? Jackpot! Wagga, wagga, wag!

CopperstateBassets says:

Sorry to hear that. ours have allergies too. I keep benadryl with me all the time.

ruth barrette says:

Je craque…je capote……..j’irais m’en chercher une toute de suite si ce n’était de ces foutues allergies qui a coûté la mienne à l’âge de 8 ans………elle me manque tellement, vs n’avez pas idée…..sniffffffffffff Thank you so much

Judson Joist says:

Squishy faces, floppy ears, huge paws, and nuzzling noses! X3

cynder1021 says:


Belle22285 says:

lots of boys lol!

1Sugarpudding says:

I have two Appalachian Big Foot Basset Hounds.
Bindi Sue and Bruiser

kati taylor says:

Awe! Just no other way to describe it.

maisilund says:

NO NO NO NO NO NO i can’t see it, it’s too CUTE for my eyes ;D

aqouby says:

14,102 views now. It’s climbing, lol

Angel De La Cruz says:

7,092 views it deserves wayyyy more

TheRiddler508 says:

i have four basset hounds there so cute

jay jeter says:

They are so sweet. God bless u guys.

Lap Le says:

Wow that dog gave birth to like 6 dog?

Monique Noyb says:

They are soooooo cute

Lax Cowboy says:

Dat is so freaking cute

Collis Ward says:


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