Funny babies annoying dogs – Cute dog + baby compilation

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Babies are cute and nice but sometimes they can be really annoying. Just look how they annoy poor patient dogs 😛 They are just playing but I’m sure dogs don’t like when they climb over them, ride them, scream and so on 😉 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!



the yellow gloves says:

so sweet

Sami zockt says:

Poor dogs why dont they .slap the babies for an exchange 

Angpache Soul says:

annoying babies loyal dogs

Carlos G says:

That's why I hate babies… They're so annoying.

awesome girl says:

I live babies I babysit a lot and I mostly babysit new borns I'm 12 by the way

Joshua Postgate says:

4:21 …

Joshua Postgate says:


Vijay Trustworthy says:

1:30 & 04:45 loved this videos :)

Nathan Jensen says:

Ugh, babies…

Alejandra Denegri says:


We Love Dogs says:

Doggggs <3

E Adams says:

Rico is not giddying up.

Fishing With Mr Crabtree says:

These dogs are happy with the company of these white babies. However, change it to a black one and they soon think the family home has an intruder and start barking. Don't shoot the messenger. I'm only saying.

Linda Hudson (WoodUpic) says:

so so cute

sppencer says:

poor dogs and stupid parents

Lindoe Rodriguez Official says:


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