Funny Guilty Dogs Compilation 2013 [HD]

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These dogs know they have done something wrong, and they don’t make a good case for their innocence. There is no mistaking the “I did it” face, or the “please forgive me” roll over.

Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!
The whole family watching at 8:25 =D Thanks Shaycarl and Shaytard Family!

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Adriana Onofre says:

2:10 I felt bad

Ben Gosnell says:

Halo best name for a dog

magnus saar says:

put you still love youre dogs

anna daniela travaglio says:

carini… si sentono in colpa

alex amesj says:

This is why when you leave you put your dogs in a gage/dog house

Angelique Navarro says:

Lol the reason so many of these dogs are showing their bellies is because they are showing that they are submissive. In a way it's kind of like an apology because they know they did something BAD! 

Jay Jay says:

This is why I love dogs and not cats. They realise when they've done wrong. Cats don't do guilt, they just tell you to shut the fuck up and scratch your eye out.

Aalloo Tv says:

ha ha ha.. awesome

Valentina Romano says:

OMG the last one who walks slowly omg im dying lol

zosojb says:

Part 2 "Funny Guilty Dogs Compilation 2013 [HD]" on YouTube

randomcommentoh says:

1:06 "lol bye!"

Lauren McGuirk says:

Elmo chair, Lol!

toothless ekans says:

Did you eat the table?

A NTP says:

yes, but I am very sweetie!!


My dogs completely destroyed my study notes and coursework i stupidly left on the bed. At first i thought it was my boy dog, but my girl had such a guilty look when i walked in. To be fair it was Probably both of them working together to avenge me for not taking them to the shop with me. As annoyed as i was when walking in and seeing the mess, i couldn't help but laugh when i saw the looks on their faces. Gotta love them, the guilty faces they do are way too cute :D

JT Potatoheadfan Hornsby says:

some times they look like their gonna cry it so funny

Ashwin Rajesh says:

At least we understood that dogs can't lie . :D

Cutie Crafters says:

its hard to stay mad at a dog when the roll over or make an "im sorry" face

Corn Corn says:

at least dogs show guilt when they fuck up.  cats will make eye contact with you and RUIN YOUR LIFE.

Exotic Alien says:

What is that dog breed 3:02 

Krystal Huerta says:

+YouTube Commenter look up #StopYulin2015 see if that makes u feel better and I'm also not Asian

Diego Montiel says:


Faris Othman says:

Dogs can tell how we feel inside and out.

gumdokim says:

"Imma firing mah lasers".  2:40

Horst Petersen says:

1:00 is good :D

TheOmnipotence says:

2:38 Attack Mode On

flyingbeagles says:

Are most of these dogs reacting by going in a submissive position?

SO CASUL says:


Georgia Lewis says:

When dogs do bad things and they roll on there backs they are apologizing. 

Short Fuse says:

these manipulative bastards know exactly what to do to get away with it every time….

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