Funny Guilty Dogs Compilation 2015

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The ultimate funny guilty dogs are back! Here is a brand new and freshly squeezed funny guilty dogs compilation just for you.

Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!

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florcanela49 says:

It is too funny, the guilty one always looks away. But their tail does not let them lie 🙂 mine is the same way like the Beagles that shred the toilet paper….thank God that is the only thing she does. Thanks for sharing!

Mary Jablonski says:

No Jill Peters, that is a submissive smile.  The corresponding body language does not indicate aggression, but rather submission

Dullgirl says:

And this is why I have a dog not a stupid cat they ain't funny not like dogs

Jill Peters says:

Miller at 1:50 is being aggressive and showing his teeth.  I would back off.

Aleena clifton says:

The first dog was a snitch

KarenSue Allen says:

So ours aren't the only ones!!! LOL!!! Too funny!  

KarenSue Allen says:

Too Funny!  So ours aren't the only ones!!!! LOL!!!! 

patchreefs says:

It makes me wonder if we won't do the same thing standing in front on God.     Hey george  did you do that?

pais rashbrook says:

oh my god ziggy so cute

Doggieworld3 says:

xD So adorable. People call it "abuse", but they're so smart and expressive.
GSD x Dober combo. 
"Somebody….chewed up mama's underwear!"

Regina Keels says:

Great! They are so adorable.

Jose Gallego says:

2:53 priceless !!!

Chris Daniel says:

Hahaha ima from a chinese my dog did a the same ting hahaha eat the dinner food so me and my husband cook the little bitch and the a feed him to my son.

Aaron Wait (Waity) says:

So funny 

Evan Hardin says:

Jury is still out, but think I think I know who the criminals are here.

Maethaus Wongjansom (May) says:

what is the name of this song

hang1iderswing says:

Only thing I don't understand: people who are mad at dogs for chewing up and destroying their toys.  That is literally why you buy them??

Pinkette25 says:

its zoo cute

Charlies Angels says:

0:07 blackmail

3:16 "da heck you talking about you think i did that? I'm not that low class cmon"

3:42 "uh oh, hide!!!"

dragonzzz0rFTW says:



At 3:42 oooh shoot let's get out of here he found out xD

davekittle says:

That's why i don't have a dog

Sammers Jammers says:

The dog at 2:57 looks the guiltiest of all! Too funny (:

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