Funny Puppy Video of ‪Puppy Teasing Wild Deer

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This funny puppy teases a deer in our yard. The deer plays and chases the dog and the dog does the same back to the deer. The deer was hungry and eating and if he could talk I bet he would have lots to say about the dog. See my commentary as well since I talk about how this happened and you could hear my kids being so fascinated about the whole thing while I was recording the dog and the wild deer playing with each other. This is not the case of a mother deer protecting her child since there is no little deer here. Please share your funny pet video with us. Feel free to post a video response showing us the animals in your yard. Don’t forget to comment, rate, subscribe, and share this video ir you like it. You may find more of our videos on our other channels all4tubekids and all4tubekidz Be sure to support your local SPCA Have a safe and fun day!


SarahOnPixieHollow says:

So True

vickieeh1 says:

Aw Gods creations getting along

fnc4243 says:

I appreciate a guy who is good with children. He seems like a great dad. About the deer though….. These wild deer can be VERY dangerous! Do a “youtube” search for “deer attacks” to see what they do to dogs and hunters — be fore warned….it’s brutal !! Wild animals are very capable of harming you and your pets.

dajarN says:

whay is this  “nerd” talking.

MrEspd says:

the dear would play but hes scared shitless of the people

catmom81 says:

That was awesome and beautiful!

lukelionden says:

ha ha ha ha!!!!!! this is so funny and cute.

ladymm0027 says:

Sooooooooo cute deer and puppy playing go fig!!!!!!



Anjvvv says:

Excellent video

iluvzelda1 says:

JERK why dont you get a job? you dont een know if vf2005 has a job think before you comment dummy

happylol877 says:

lol too funny i would ask you guys to make more videos like that! my favorite video of yours so far lol thank you for posting this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

serpentinecreature says:

This was so cute! Thank you.

MsFnmrules says:

Thats not a chiwawa

replyandyousuckballs says:

shut the fuck up.

Lizthelege says:

That was really cute to see them trying to communicate

Suzan Walicki says:

wow LOLZ but BOOOORİNG!!!!!!!!!!

Mople77 says:

captioning… lol

vf2005 says:


MIamiHeatFanz says:

i wood kill that deer

damygeebo says:

lmao… u have no job an u comment on youtube vids all day, u dipshit, haaaaaaa!!! #pwnage

vf2005 says:

The dog definitely wants to play, but I’m not too sure about the deer. Each species communicates play behaviour in different ways .e.g. the dog would communicate ‘I want to play’ by lowering its head and torso whilst keeping its forelimbs straight and near to the ground & hind limbs standing. I’d have to know what species of deer that is to understand how it communicates its play behaviour with other deers. I find interspecific play and how they communicate such, fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

superstarjonesbros says:

A chiwawa is a dog? I always thought it was a rat! XD (jk)

christinewillisful says:

it is adorable but unless that deer has rabies, i doubt it was raised in the wild

katieloo101 says:


SirBpear says:

That was a reply to that comment that said “your kid are hot
” which is inappropriate since they are like 10 at the oldest..

Samantha Nichols says:

It is cute

Samantha Nichols says:

How is it inappropriate

Hanan Obied says:


thescrewupdudes says:

Love how u said or after lol

invasion906 says:

Haha funny deer

1michaelstricklin says:

Its a spick. Will grow to be a big buck maybe a 12 point.

steve johnson says:

poor deer

TheWeirdFamily4 says:


shaylalatoya says:

super cute! Thank goodness no one was hurt

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