Funny Talking Dogs Compilation 2014 – Talking Dog Videos

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A dog that tries to talk can be so funny and cute. Who wouldn’t want a talking dog as a pet. Check out these funny talking dogs in this cute videos compilation.


Breunna Dunn says:

First dog looks so strong. More scary than cute

SpookyDove says:

1:39 that was so funny XD

Aniah MARTIN says:

My  little niece like when i pût doge videos she allways say doggie ans she bark

Debby Wapner says:

evolution marches on

Susie Galvan says:

that's cute!!!!!!!!!!!     LOL

akeda the husky kiana reid says:

I'm dieing from to much laughter over here

Julia O'Malley says:

watch with subtitles! XD

Nightmare Dragon says:

They're soo cute ^_^

Celio Hogane says:

I never seen someone as excited to go to the bed as that last dog.

Gage Gamer 1000 says:

1:40 Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap…

Chelsea Steele (ASMRtistic) says:

LOL The first dog

"Yeah! :D"

gig970 says:

The first dog was looking so wise ……. ..I thought he is a human in dog body
:))…..I love the dog

Ethan Ormans says:

Funny hahah

Andrew V says:

Dog is saying "I know to say 'momma' now give me the fucking Dog Chow"

Raquel Robles says:


steven pa brown says:

First is best

Maral Ganbold says:

Boxer with the hoodie is so cute

young caleb Carr says:

I like your vid I put it on my weeb site

Andrew Owens says:

there just saying ir mum moo or muhh muhh or ruuuf

Ampharos Beacon says:

02:14 I want to see him in real life. So cute XD

misteraxl1 says:

First one is best, because it almost looks as if he actually tries to communicate (''do you want more dinner? – *Nods annoyed yes bitch, obviously! ''), while others only repeat what they had learned…

josh penrose says:

the dogs dont eving talk

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