Husky Dog Sings with iPAD

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belyme45 says:

i love this dog 😡

poekie says:

It IS better than Bieber.

On a side-note…I do kind of pity your neighbors 😉

insumyo jackal says:

Anything is better than Bieber.

Melody Jones says:

sings better than Beiber by far

ilovecookies1122 says:

I just died laughing IT WAS SO FRIKEN ADORADBLE

CrazyGirl967 says:

This dog is amazing ! But I’m sorry not better than Justin .. His just a dog

dustinstab11 says:

Its a her

CeeJay AE says:

nice dog

TheRobMx says:

Still better than T pain

Mai Anh Ta says:

Is that realy his voice ???

Jw5360132 says:


micolecxm9 says:

i love u husky

sugarb03 says:


isaiah jones says:

Could listen to this dog for hours :3

EliTeViiPeRz says:

its a girl u retarded boy…she sings so much better than jb

chelseamazyck123 says:

No he doestnt but i still like it!!

bagusjaya911 says:

amaZing dog

MegaVaibhav20 says:

far better than justein bieber.
visit this site.u ll njoy

mosadde says:

This is amazing <3

spiderladie says:

I love husky lots

cookiemonster4283 says:


cassandrao1510 says:

Get down

Katie deraiche says:

omg i want that doggggg  (:

Angel Rocha says:

so do i

salgadoabby1 says:

Cutest dog ever!!

BasseFromDenmark Brodersen says:

Yeah Better than bieber

David sierra says:

I seen your vids and your dog is so cool!!!

Shluzovoy says:


Filip Filipovic says:

Dislike? justin bieber funs! i love Mishka <3

Ericka Clarenza Lawrence says:

Mishka is so pretty

tahyra brown says:

to cute

Joshua Ramos says:


KAPODJ22 says:

All Sings Better than Justin Bieber -.-

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