Lets see the Dog Whisperer do this!!

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singing puppies to sleep


jessie james says:

what are they going to do when hes not there to sing them their lullabies.

Jack Satterlee says:

is he for hire

TheSonnyboy00 says:

thats so cute but check out moon walking nana shes the next mj but more diva

joey hunt says:

how amusingly cute

EziixPked says:

oh my god… that is too fucking cute

charleybayley says:

Omg how cute is that(:

BorisCr says:

No, that is ok, the dogs are faking it!

Cookywacky08 says:


Emily Ahlstrom says:

The dogs are so adorable!

mzverina1 says:

The “Lullaby Dog Man”. That is a very fitting name. Great video. Thank you.

loobie65 says:


lwj033 says:

its more like “here we go again, shit lets sleep”

Elisha Howard says:


lamboboy0213 says:

thats cray

ChocoboSasuke1 says:

aww that’s so cute, precious little things~

Gloria Ordaz says:

to cute

belleFish says:

i thing i might have the brindle one oh wait mabye not but he is still apuppy and verey talkitive same markings too

loli1015 says:

that is actually amazing….

watzizname says:

If we pretend to be asleep, he stops singing..

A01095092 says:

sorry I fell sleep , what about the video?

ktgreen2001 says:

I want one!

marionetemanJ says:

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TheGileon says:

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amy qyks says:

que moñiiitos……<3

hotdogman67 says:

Oh, shit! My manliness has been compromised!

karal222 says:

what s that noise, soo scary. lets act like we r sleeping :DDD they are adorable

venkateshkalu says:

nice video, Adorable Puppy Attacks School Girl – watch in my channel

hentaimaid says:


Olivia Olivia says:

:)))) Brilliant! Sometime people forget the puppies are not babies… let the animal remain an animal! 100 years ago there were no whelping boxes, were there? I mean, lets not exaggerate now.. That is the problem with human nowadays, they grow up dogs by sharing everything with them, even the bed. So the dogs end up believing that they are humans too, or humans equal. So then the humans start having training problems and they wonder why.

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steve cuello says:

all they need to now is talk lol 😉

Socorro Iglesias says:

Como dormir a los cachorritos sin problemas

Goatmon says:

Long as their living space gets cleaned out regularly it’s no big deal.

Keeping something like that constantly clean while a half dozen puppies are living in it is an exercise in futility.

Makenzie Herrera says:

cutest puppies i have ever seen

cathy figueroa says:

They need to be in a cleaner,nicer place it looks like a very dirty enviorment.Just looking.but it’s nice that he sang to them

jay pee says:

OH MY GOD!!! This is off the scale adorable.

Zephra Gaines says:

Lol awww too ADOARABLE

Justin Jones says:


MIZJEN80 says:

That has to be uncomfortable. Why aren’t they in a whelping box?

ContessaDent says:

OH my God that is so beautiful. Do you think you could give me some pointers on bedtime for my new puppy 1/2 shepherd 1/2 lab. I need help we are crying a lot at night. I am exhausted

Penny Lewington says:


akhila vuntla says:

That is cute but the mans singing is creepy

meljmilner says:

Nnn…nnlpiu v. ….m.

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