Lilly Blossom drinking from the miracle sponge April 6, 2013

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Breeders sometimes are faced with a puppy that is not feeding properly because the mom has little milk or the siblings are pushing the weaker one away. We ra…


diane freyer says:

Thank-you!A friend told me about your video.I hope I never have the need,but so good to know!

Nadiya White says:

That is a small puppy!


Thank you for sharing.Great help.

JGD GreatDanes says:


JGD GreatDanes says:

can you send me a link? in the description I cannot find it having a litter and would love to get a couple 🙂

Claude Bisson says:

Our products were purchased in Canada at Home Sense and Winners. We have found some web links to similar products:

The bag is called a TicTac bag. The links to where it can be purchased is shown in the description of our video.

JGD GreatDanes says:

what is the name of the warming bag again? trying to find them on the internet 🙂

Edwina Sipos says:

I have just today had 8 Cocker Spaniel puppies born 2 of which are tiny, went out and got the sponges and straight away the two puppies started to feed, its amazing. Before I began the feeding they were cold although with their mother and siblings, they are now warm and contented. Thank you so much for sharing this simple easy method to feed pups or kittens

MsGoldenRatio says:

I’ve never seen a puppy being fed with a sponge that way…genius….very inventive!

monicag928 says:

aww how CUTE

Claude Bisson says:

Yes, this does work on kittens.

Shelly Ducharme says:

has anyone used this on kittens? Looks really fabulous — thank you thank you!!!

Claude Bisson says:

We do not know of any perfect formula. Those that you mentioned all all equaly good. The easist would be the puppy formula as the ingredients are already prepared for you.

alishajim says:

Feeding 2 weaker puppies currently, never seen a sponge method. My question is, what is the best formula? There seems to be many opinions (Homemade formula, Goats milk or Puppy Formula). What do you use? 

birdwatcher23 says:

Fabulous video! Thank-you! I found the sponges right at Food Lion…so check your grocery stores as well.

FondaEggers says:

Great technique!!

Amy Shojai says:

Adele, this is marvelous! I will share (with attribution to you, of course!) on my site as well as my personal blog for all the cat and dog “parents” out there.

Claude Bisson says:

Let us know how it worked.

jacdobe says:

I recently lost a Siamese queen to complications following a c-section and am currently hand raising her two nine day old kittens. They are fighting the bottle and not happy with the latex nipples I am using. I can tube feed and have been, but I am going out to get the sponges today to try this with them. Great idea!

Sherry Chevalier says:

Adele, I want to Thank You for your ingenious idea of using the cosmetic sponge. I had heard of the technique but actually had the chance to use it this last week for my smaller Golden Puppy. I did do a video for my Mom as she didn’t understand when I was telling her what a wonderful trick I had heard of and tried. That video me in my PJ’s sponge feeding a puppy went nuts. I just recently learned you are to Thank!!!! THANK YOU you are ingenius. I gave you credit once I learned who created it

Bruce Hassig says:

This method of supplementing a puppy is just awesome! We have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy we have been supplementing and tried this for the first time a few days ago. I can’t believe how well this works. Thank you SO much for sharing this.

Claude Bisson says:

Hi Joyce,

No problem in using the video. We have had many reports of puppies being saved. We no longer tube feed.

Joyce Chapman says:

Hi Adele,
Thank you so much for this video; it saved a 3 ounce premature papillon last week who had no chance to live. I had previously purchased the sponges from a beauty supply, the goat milk and had the syringes on hand. There were three puppies in all. I had to modify the sponge to fit his tiny mouth, but he took right to it. He is now 5 days old and has doubled his birthweight. My vet has asked for permission to use your video for other breeders who tube feed without success. Thanks

Claude Bisson says:

I found some on line at the Dollar Tree

Search for De Artist Latex-Free Cosmetic Wedge Sponges, 28-ct. Packs

Myriam Phillips says:

Claude, I couldn’t find a HD latex free sponge here is Santiago and today I went to Walgreens website and couldn’t find it either…. could you help me find one throught Internet because I have to order them…. thanks in advance, Myriam

sabal sper says:

So thankful to see a lifesaver like this, awesome… I’m sure there eill be many saved by viewing, and no danger of feeding w/syringe down wrong tube…Thank yo…..

Claude Bisson says:

Any pharmacy in the US such as Walgreens will have the sponges. Should be no problem getting them in Santiago either. They are makeup applicator sponges.

Myriam Phillips says:

Claude, I live in Santiago, Chile and would love to know where I can buy the latex free sponge in the United States…. your video is amazing… thank you very much for your fabulous idea 🙂

Claude Bisson says:

We use Esbilac puppy replacement milk from r vet but any puppy formula will do.

esimaqueda says:

What kind of milk did you use?

mrnvd1 says:

Dear Adele, What a good idea. thank you for sharing this! This looks so mutch more save than a bottle 🙂

WiseOneOfGod says:

wow, this leaves me in awe of God’s thoughtfulness. When we observe a thriving litter, We just see mother dog nursing their babies and they grow strong and healthy. We have no idea the great detail and intricate considerations that the Creator had put into rearing a thriving puppy until we try to replicate nature. Only then do we see the great thought and all the details that God had put in place to rear a newborn creature from babyhood to adulthood. God is a caring, detail-attentive Creator.

Claude Bisson says:

The supply sources are shown in the description below of video. Just expand (show more) the text and you will see it all. Thank you for viewing. 

Liz N says:

This is an excellent idea and video!! Could you please share where you bought the TicTac heating pad? Thank you so much!

Claude Bisson says:

We tube fed for years before discovering this alternate method. It is safer and easier to feed a puppy this way.

Kristina Whetzel says:

I have had to tube feed a litter and only wish I had know your method earlier, this is wonderful and so less stressful on the puppies. Thank-you!

Claude Bisson says:

Any puppy milk formula will work. You can purchase it at a vet in powder form or make your own. There are many recipes on the internet to try.

kenneth valderama says:

what kind of milk that..?

Lionstone Cattery says:

What a great idea!!! Thank you so much for sharing. I think I will use it once I have a handfeeding kitten, sure it will also work. Maybe have to cut the sponge a little smaller.

jnglecats says:

OMG this is brilliant! I just had to hand feed kittens, next time I will try this with them. They do lose the natural ability to suck if tube fed too much, and I can never find a nipple that works to bottle feed.

Claude Bisson says:

Sorry for your loss. Our method is not a guarantee of survival but it certainly seems to be helpful in increasing the odds.

Paul LaFontaine says:

I recently loss a weak puppy…I feel this would have saved her.
Thank you .. I will save this forever.

Gina Schag says:

Oh my gosh you are a genius! Thank you so much for posting this video!

Claude Bisson says:

Yes, we always tube fed before but in our experience, after a few days the puppy loses it’s natural suction ability (in the case of Yorkshire Terriers) This is definitely a safer way to feed especially for the novice breeder.

btpuppy says:

Tube feeding is so much faster and easier especially if you are doing a whole litter, but some are afraid to do it and I guess this would be another choice.

saxxonsounds says:


Kat GoesRawr says:

actually it was a siamese kitten who was removed from his mother too early and i named him polar bear because when he was a kitten he looked like polar bear cub:) i still have him til this day along with two other cats that i nursed as well he’s now 2 years old and so lovable:)

Claude Bisson says:

Excellent. What kind of dog were you feeding?

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