Man vs Dog in a Eating Contest

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I have a food eating contest with my dog Wishbone, Enjoy! Thumbs up if u enjoyed, it helps me out! Thnks for watching 🙂 _ DigiTour Dates & Locations: -Oct. …


MegansBeautyxox says:

Awe. So cute, I’m gonna try this with my dog later xx

Olivia Tucker says:

Team Jc

Gal Kasten says:

Team wishbone 😉

Frank So says:

Team wishbone!

Adina S says:

That was so funny and awesomeee !!! <3 <3 <3 xx

theaglover5671 says:

Sooo cute

BeesInTheCity says:

HAHAHA IM CRYING. you literally just made my night, thank you<33

Joscie Magana says:

I had to pause the video cause I was laughing so hard in the first 20 seconds D

Asia A says:


Emma Grainger says:

Team wishbone!;)

mira1321 says:

nice new OUTRO!

TheAbridgedExperts says:

#TeamJC and Wishbone?

15beccytiller15 says:

Ahaha when you had the hotdogs.. wishbone was shaking like hell !!

Molli Deyes says:

#teamwishbone BABBBBBBBBBBBY I ILOVE YOU WISHBONE but i still love jc ‘_’

spoonfullofsugar96 says:

Hey guys can you check out my first ever video! Thanks :)

xtunechilover says:


hellowordoo says:

0:23-0:27 jc’s face hahahaha lol

ainsleybensonxx says:

ahaaha “you can eat it nw..” 😀

AshleyMusicCovers says:

This is so funny omg JC.

Liliana Crane says:

He has cheese on his nose

Nadia Az-Zahra says:

OMG haha this is adorableeeee

R vB says:

This made me laugh so hard haha

Athirah Dania says:

im on team wishbone 😉 sorry jc lol

Zaira Martinez says:

Team Wishbone! :3

Isabella Aforozis says:


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