Puppy mill dogs rescued in big sky country

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Puppy mill dogs rescued in big sky country

The conditions witnessed at the Lincoln County rescue are typical for commercial dog breeding facilities in Montana, since the state does not have any laws to regulate puppy mills. Montana is among just 16 states without specific regulations for puppy mills, such as a requirement to provide basic care. (Dogs pictured above are from a previous puppy mill rescue in NC) Photo by Kim Alboum/The HSUS

Just a few days ago, in Lincoln County, Montana, law enforcement officials and HSUS Animal Rescue Team members discovered dozens of animals in dire need. By the end of the day, these rescuers had saved 53 dogs—mostly poodles bred for sale through a personal website and Facebook presence. Some of the dogs were heavily matted, and when rescuers felt beneath their fur they realized the animals were also dangerously underweight. The dogs, ranging in age from several months old to adults, were also suffering […]


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